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Can anyone advise me on the writing and speaking part of the exam?

by Amy

Please I am going to write IELTS exam next week and would need help for the writing and speaking part of the exam.
let me know if you can be of help.

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Oct 22, 2013

Dear Aysha,
In order to improve your writting skils in IELTS you have to keep certain things in mind always..

You will be able to achieve 7 or more bands in IELTS provided you frame complex sentences rather than simple ones. for example try to use provided, if ,Given that, whether and other such options to make a complex sentence.

- I would buy this car provided I test drive it first.
- Not only price of diesel is increasing but also its usage is increasing .
- There is no strong evidence whether it is beneficial or not .

While attempting to task 2 its better to use following connectors instead of simply saying firstly, secondly, finally etc. For example

1. The first and foremost reason for water pollution is...
2. In addition to that...
3. The most significant reason ...
4. Furthermore..
5. Apart from this....
6. Not only this ....but also...
7. Elaborating the first aspect..

and many more like that ..

More over you must be aware of the synonyms of the frequently used words and try to incorporate the one which is more soothing and different than routine.

For example instead of the word 'increasing' you can you 'rising', 'enhancing'

use - incorporate
due to - owing to
better - superior

finally take care of your punctuation and grammer. I hope it will help you. Best of Luck

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