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Can someone explain my changing IELTS band scores?

by Ana

hello to everyone,

I have received my last ielts results and got next bands:

L 7.5
R 7
W 7
S 6

The main point why i write all these is that i got 7.5 on speaking part 15 days ago and now only 6. i cant imagine that this is happening.

I set for the exam 17 times till now and last 5 times i always need half a band to have all seven.

First it was writing, then i achive to get 7 there but than suddenly i started to get 6.5 on reading, this was not the end because after i mastered reading i got 6 on speaking. Of course i had 7.5 on speaking last 5 times.

Is there anyone who can give logical explanation to all i have mentioned here?

Thanks in advance.

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Nov 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

Go on and do not givr up. You will get the required score if you do not get frustratex and nervous.

Nov 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I think it depends on individual test.

You probably read the passages that related to your field, or you know, like most, then you would get high score for this time, but next time, the topics were quite strange...

The best way is practice and practice, particularly paraphrasing. Normally, the questions are not difficult, so if you paraphrase the question and find appropriate sentence then your reading score would not have much difference in different tests.

About speaking, it's also the same, you should record your self when you speak a common topic and strange topic and see the difference, then you can know why.

Better luck next time

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