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Mar 10, 2021
Writing Task two essay
by: Lina

Many people want to continue their graduate studies based on their lifestyle. While some believe it can help them seek good job opportunities, others think it can not only benefit the individual but also the society he/she lives in would be benefited too. This essay will discuss both views in detail.

There is no doubt that the requirement of education is mandatory for most vacancies announced by well-known national and international organizations. Perhaps some individuals that are the only income earner of their families intend to choose their university education based on the jobs available in the market that are paid well in terms of salary. Such jobs, based on recent studies, required higher education at least of graduate level. Thus most career-driven individuals tend to get a graduate degree only for career and promotion purposes in order to be entitled for financial reward.

However, there are individuals that proceed their higher education to develop their personality and achieve good status in society. For instance, there are people that they are wealthy such as business owners, athlete, and politicians that they are in a stable position in terms of finance but they usually earn educational degrees to be well known in their communities and to develop skills that make them a better person. This can have positive impact on the society as most studies showed that crime rate in educated societies are much lower compared to illiterate communities.

In conclusion, both views discussed above are reasonable, though; I believe that the second point overweigh in terms social benefits if we look at the points form a wider edge.

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