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IELTS Bar Chart: Components of GDP

by May Zin Yati Tun

The Chart Shows the Components of Gdp in The Uk from 1992 to 2000

The Chart Shows the Components of Gdp in The Uk from 1992 to 2000

The indicated graphic representation illustrate the factors of Gross domestic product from IT and Service industry of UK in five periods of time as percentage.

In general, the percentage of IT industry had surpass those of the service industry in all time zones. While the record stayed such way throughout every span, there were a moment where the service industry tried catching up to its opponent during 1996; which however resulted in the immense increase in its rival to not lose their crown.

Regarding the percentage of IT industry, the report was shown to be increasing significantly, although it was lessen a tiny amount during 1996 compared to its previous record. They nevertheless seems to have a dramatic rise after their earlier insignificant downfall, as the percentage went from 7.8 to 12 in two years.

Meanwhile, the components of the opposing industry didn’t appear to have any revolutionary changes between the years which made it seems monotonous. The maximum point of this service business was achieved in the year of 2000, that appear to have approximately 8 as provided.

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