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IELTS Bar Chart - Distribution Income Groups Australia

by Yashaan Cawasji
(Delhi, India)

The bar graph compares the percentage of population belonging to various income groups in cities and regional centres in Australia. It classifies the income groups into four sections i.e. Low, Lower Middle, Middle and High. Overall, both cities and regional centres comprise of a majority of people from the lower middle and middle classification. Whereas, people belonging to the Low and High income categories account for a lower percentage of population in both these regions.

The Middle and Lower Middle income group represent 35% and 30% of the population in cities, which means they have a yearly income of $40,000 - $70,000 and $70,000 - $120,000. However, the lower middle income earners represent 34% of the population and the middle income earners represent 27% of the population in regional centres.

On the other hand, the High and Low categories of income groups constitutes 20% and 13% of general public in cities. Whereas, regional centres showcase an increase of 10% of people belonging to the low income category, which means there are more number of people in the low income category in regional areas as compared to cities. In addition, the high income earners in regional areas just represent 15% of the population which is a 5% lesser than those of cities.

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