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IELTS Bar Chart - Industry Sectors and GDP in India

by vikas vaddadi

The bar graph illustrates the percentage contributions made by Agriculture, Industry, and Service sectors to India's GDP between 1960-2000.

Over the whole time period, the significance of the Agriculture sector on GDP decreased dramatically, on the other hand, the Service sector contribution improved steadily. With regard to the Industrial sector, the contribution to GDP remained stable between 1980-2000.

In 1960, Agriculture played a major role in India's GDP, however, its contribution to India's GDP decreased steadily up to its lowest 13% in 2000 on the other hand, the Service sector had a less significant part in GDP's contribution of 17%, but, its share in GDP rose gradually with 25%-45% between 1970-1980 to 63% in 2000 and became the major part of India's GDP.

With regard to the Industrial sector, the pattern is quite different from other two sectors, its contribution slightly increased between 1960-1980 from 17% to 25% and attained a period of stability from 1980-2000.

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