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IELTS Bar Chart - Southland's Exports

Southland’s main exports in 2000, 2015 and future projection of 2025.

Southland’s main exports in 2000, 2015 and future projection of 2025.

This bar chart gives an overview on Southland's main exports in different fields. It shows data about 2000 and 2018 and also makes projections for 2025.

We can see that international tourism has been the main source of income since 2000 and it is expected to keep growing, reaching its highest point in 2025. If compared to the export of dairy products, it can be noticed that the latter was lower in 2000 but it has increased sharply over the past years, whereas tourism has increased gradually. However, the export of dairy products is likely to decrease by 2025, even though it will still be at a higher point than it was in 2000. The lowest bars are the ones referring to the export of meat products, which was slightly lower than the one of dairy products in 2000 but is declining slowly and will continue to do so according to predictions.

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Feb 22, 2018
plz check will be this good
by: Anonymous

The bar graph is a representation of south lands main export of products such as international tourism dairy products and meat products

According to above shown graph a continuous growth has been seen in the international tourism till the year 2015 to 9 billion as expected to be around 10 billion by the year 2025

on the other hand a drop is expected in the export of meat product that was around 6 billion till around 2000 to a drop of around 5 billion around 2025.Dairy products has also been one of the most important export factor in south lands which has led to great hike in the recent following years but as expected will see a fall in the coming following years.

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