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IELTS Bar Chart - UK Telephone Calls

by uzma

The chart shows the total number of minutes (in billions) of telephone calls in the UK, divided into three categories, from 1995-200

The chart shows the total number of minutes (in billions) of telephone calls in the UK, divided into three categories, from 1995-200

The bar chart depicts the total no. Of million minutes utilized for different phone call types categorised as local, national & international and mobile in the united kingdom in the time period of 7 years between 1995-2002.

Overall, it is obvious that over the span of time the maximum minutes are utilized by local fixed line type call, being 10 billion in 1995. They gradually increased to around 90 billion in the years 1998-99, then the no. Gradually decreased till 2002, but still higher then the others in the group.

In contrast, the total no. Of minutes utilized by both national and international fixed lines as well as mobile showed an gradual upward trend over the period of years but still lower then local-fixed line. In 1995, the minutes utilized by fixed line were around 35 billion and by mobile 3 billion which showed gradual increase up to 60 and 40 respectively.


Respected all, Kindly read this writing task 1 and advise me improvements and plz grade my band score according to it. Thanx

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Dec 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

- the first paragraph is a bit long and a bit complex

-lack of the overview sentence in the 1st paragraph

"in general it is shown that the time used for the 3 different categories of phone calls has been increased"

-some parts lack of detail

Dec 19, 2015
Essay sample
by: Sabx

The chart compares telephone calls made from 3 different telephone sources in the UK over a period of 8 year.

"In general it can be seen that the highest number of calls made from local fixed line. The calls made by using mobile phone were significantly lower."

The chart shows an interesting trend that local fixed lines, being accounted to make highest calls then other sources, showed an incredible incline from 70 billion minutes in 1965 to the highest value of 90 billion by 1999. Over the next three years, this figure showed a remarkable decline by hitting a lowest of value 70 billion minutes in 2002.

The trend that is noticeably different from described above is that in 1995, well over 30 billion minutes consumed by using national and international fixes lines, and, therefore,ranked as second highest source of making calls, compared to least number of just over 1 billion minutes, made by using mobile phones. Thereafter, figure for calls made by national and international showed a massive increase by hitting a peak of 80 billion by 2002.By contrast, mobile phone showed a steady incline during first five years then dramatically increase to reach at peak of 30 billion minutes by 2002.

Dec 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

Anybody who would like to pick up my mistakes will be welcomed

Sep 09, 2016
My Essay
by: QQ

The bar chart illustrates the amount of time that UK citizens spent on different call types over a period of 7 years.

Overall, local fixed line was the most popular in every years. However, the gaps between local fixed line, national/international fixed line and mobiles became smaller throughout the period.

In 1995, people made calls mostly by local fixed line. The figure for this call type was around 70 billion minutes, which was doubled the amount of minutes that spent on national/international calls. By contrast, mobiles only accounted for a small number of 3 billion minutes. An upward trend can be seen in the next 4 years. The amount of local calls minutes increased significantly, peaked at about 90 billion minutes. Similarly, the time spent on two other types rose by 10 billion each.

The figure for local calls declined whereas that of others grew over the following 3 years. People spent less time on local calls, at the same point as the year 1995. Nevertheless, local calls remained the most popular. In contrast, national/International calls and mobiles were used more frequently, at around 60 billion and 45 billion minutes respectively.

(189 words - Written by QQ)

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