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IELTS Complaint Letter - Loud Music

by Unwana Moffat

Your next-door neighbour likes to listen to music late at night. Because of the loud music, you often lose sleep.

Write a letter to the building manager. In your letter

. describe the situation
. explain the problems it is causing you
. offer at least one solution

Dear Mr Tim,

I would like to report a reoccurring disturbance I am currently undergoing.

I live in Apartment 105 on the property located at 27 Airport Road, and living just next-door to me is Carl, who enjoys playing his music at an unreasonably high volume and late into the night. With music blaring at such high altitude, the walls of the building literally vibrates, due to the nature of the speakers used, and given the fact that at night, all sounds tend to appear more amplified.

Apart from the obvious sleepless nights, which leaves me tired, exhausted and causes me to be under-productive all day, I have also developed a migraine, which is gradually getting worst. This is a serious concern to me because my job requires me to constantly look at the computer screen all day, but the migraine is making this difficult.

I want this situation urgently addressed, because, even though we should enjoy our rights and freedom, one should not intentionally infringe on another's rights and freedom. As a solution, I suggest you get Carl to play his music at a reasonable volume and also within a reasonable time. Alternatively, he could use a headphone when he intends to listen to music all night long.

Best regards,

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