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IELTS Diagram: Differences in Temperature Zones

by Mita

The diagram shows differences in temperature zones between tropical mountains and temperate mountains.

The diagram shows differences in temperature zones between tropical mountains and temperate mountains.

I am Mita. Would you kindly check my writing and give me your opinion?
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This diagram shows the temperature differences between tropical mountain and temperate mountain with comparing the altitude in meters on the left side and feet on the right side. The tropical mountain consists of warm zone, temperature zone, cool zone, forest and alpine meadows, respectively from the bottom to the top. Meanwhile, the Temperate mountain consists of cool zone, forest and alpine meadows, consecutively from the bottom to the top as well.

We can see the diffrences on both mountain. From the bottom, the tropical mountain has warm zone that suitable for many tropical crops in the altitude up to 500 meters, meanwhile the temperate mountain up to the altitude 1500 meters is a cool zone where the general cultivation of grains, potates, and flax. In the middle, the of temperate mountain is forest that limited for broad-leaf thress and it is between 1500m and 2000m altitude or between 5000 and 6000 feet. The tropical mountain, in contrast has tempreature zone at 1000 to 1500m altitude and still has cool zone up to 3000m altitude which in temperate mountain, it is as high as alpine meadows with the snow line in the top. The tropical mountain is higher than temperate zone. In the altitude above the cool zone, up to 4000m it's a forest and then in the top is Alpine meadows with snow line on the top.

Overall, the height difference in both mountain is very noticable. The Temperate montain is shorter than the tropical mountain. There is also differences in parts of the mountain. The temperate mountain only has three parts, contrast with the tropical mountain that has 5 parts. Both of them has permanet snow on the top of each.

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