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IELTS Letter: Home Help

by Munnaza shafique

Mrs Barrete, an English-speaking woman who lives in your town, has advertised for someone help her in her home for a few hours a day next summer.

Write a letter to Mrs Barrete, In your letter:

- suggest how you could help her in her home
- say why you would like to do this work
- explain when you will and will not be available

Dear Mrs Barrete,

I am writing this letter because I would like to get some information about this ad you placed.

I can help you in your home. I can do all types of activities that are necessary for daily routine work. I am a specialist in cooking and can make all types of dishes. Although not only an expert in cooking, I also do all kinds of work necessary for daily routine like cleaning the house, washing the clothes, ironing, and all types of work that you want.

Actually i m jobless and i am searching of new job. I have experties in this job, and i have an experience related to this, i can manage it.

I am available for this job from 9am to During these hours i can perform my duty and i need two off Saturday and Sunday. IF u are willing to giving me this job so kindly inform me therefore i can this start this job from next summer.

I am looking forward your hearing from you.

yours sincerely,
Munnaza Shafique

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