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IELTS Letter - Visiting Relative

by Fred
(Australia WA)


Can you please say approximately what writing score I should get. I wrote this letter for the task 1 Can I have results at least 5.0 or above on writing task 1?

A family member is coming to stay with you. He/she will be arriving by train in the morning, but you won’t be home until the evening.

Write a letter to your relative. In your letter:

- Explain arrangements you have made for them to have keys and get into the house

- Tell your relative how to get from the train station to your house

- Say when you will be home and suggest what you could do together that evening

Dear Marco,

I write you to say that I´ll wont be home until late tomorrow. There is emergency meeting at workplace.

I made some arrangements for you to get my house safely. Your train arrives 07.00am and there is car with my personal driver waiting for you. He will drive you into downtown. From there you have to take 15 minute walk to my place. If he drops you off then you´ll see large orange building on the south side of Williams street. You have to walk trough the tunnel to get First street. When exiting the tunnel, take right from the police station and walk straight to the end of the street. My house is with yellow roof on your right hand side. key is hidden behind the greenhouse which is located in back yard.

We will definitely catch up when I arrive in the evening and we can watch some dvd-s what i have

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Apr 19, 2013
IELTS Letter
by: IELTS buddy

I don't give band scores to things people submit but I can give you some quick general feedback.

Basically the content is ok as you respond to the three points in the prompt (which you must do), though your middle part is possibly a bit long.

You could give less detail and more on the part about what you will do when you get back.

You also have very noticeable errors with your grammar - articles! You have many missing and it is very apparent.

For example: There is AN emergency meeting at MY workplace.

A singular noun must have something before it - either a determiner or an article. Go through all your nouns in the letter and check - which ones have neither of these before them?

Find a good grammar book or some exercises on the internet and practice with your nouns.

If you fix the things above then your answer will be ok.


Jan 06, 2021
Grammer Book
by: Anonymous


How you doing on? Please suggest me a name of a Grammer Book. Thanks

Jan 08, 2021
Grammar Book
by: IELTS buddy

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