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IELTS Line Graph: Domestic Technology Access

by Ilham

The grapg provided illustrates how the figures of domestic acces changed to modern technology in homes around the UK.

It is clearly seen that the CD player made a step rise from 60% to around 75% between 1996 and 2001. Then it went up slightly for about 10% in 2003. And also the home computer increased gradually too, growing from approximately 30% in 1996 to 40% in 1999. This was followed by a period of steady climb reaching a peak of at around 55% in 2003.

However, there were some striking flactuations in the figures of mobile phone. It doubled for about thirdly from around 15% in 1996 to about 45%. Afterwards, it flactuated significantly for about 19% in 2002. Meanwhile, the internet acces rocketed markedly for about 35%, from starting 10% in 1999 almost 45% in 2003.

It is obvious that all patterns made a considerable growth and none of them declined over the period in question.

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