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Dubai Gold Sales

by Dafah Ahmad
(Depok, West Java, Indonesia)

The line graph shows estimated sales of gold in Dubai for 12 months in 2002 in millions of Dirhams

The line graph shows estimated sales of gold in Dubai for 12 months in 2002 in millions of Dirhams

The line graph gives information about gold trade in Dubai from January to December of the year 2002.

It is clear in the graph that the gold sales reached its highest level of selling in March and it fell to its lowest level between July and September.

In the beginning of the year the gold price stood at 200 millions of dirhams and it increased slightly in the following month before the figures showed a sharp rise in March, with the selling was about 350 million of dirhams.

In contrast, after the trend reached a peak in March with its highest gold trading, the figures decreased gradually for the next 4 months from April, May, June and July with 250, 200, 150, and 120 million of dirhams, respectively. Surprisingly enough, there was a strong recovery for the Dubai gold sales in August with the selling was about 200 million of dirhams and it fluctuated before it was levelling off until the end of the year and the trading closed nearly 200 million of dirhams in December.


Please can someone give me feedback on my line graph about Dubai Gold Sales. Thanks.

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Oct 05, 2016
Good one
by: Anonymous

Good write up...

Oct 06, 2016
IELTS Line Graph - Dubai Gold Sales
by: Anonymous

The line chart gives an information about the amount of gold selling in Dubai, between January and December in 2002, measured in millions of Dirhams.Overall, the trade gold fluctuates in price from rose and declined again to the starting level.

First of all, In January the price was 200 million of Dirhams, the price dramatically went up to higher levels in March (350 million of Dirhams)

In contrast, over four months from March to July the gold value suddenly decreased from 350 million of Dirhams to just over one hundred million of Dirhams then increased to close to 200 million of Dirhams in August.The price of gold dropped again approximately 100 million of Dirhams in September. In October and November, the price of gold remains stable just under 200 million of Dirhams. Finally, the price of gold returned to begging value roughly 200 million of Dirhams.

Dec 22, 2016
explained very well
by: Anonymous

it is very clear and explained very well

Jul 13, 2017
no overall
by: kamal

There is no overall statement.

Aug 01, 2017
Dubai Gold Sales.
by: Anonymous

The Line chart illustrates the purchase rates of Gold in millions of Durhams from January to December 2002 in Dubai.

overall, the information provided shows that the month of March recorded the highest sales rate, while July and September experienced the Lowest rate. there was a fall in demand for gold in April to July. whereas there was no growth in sales in October and November.Although had insignificant growth.

The quest for gold in January 2002 started with 200 million Durhams with a progressive increase till March that sold 350 million Durhams. the demand was retrogressive in April from 250 million Durham till July with the sales value of a little over 100 millions Durhams.

Just a little above 200 millions of Durhams of gold was purchased in the month of August, but unfortunately the demand dropped in September with almost 100 percent. there was no growth in sales in both October and November but December had insignificant growth of approximately 200 billions of Durhams.

Nov 17, 2019
Where you wrote conclude?
by: Anonymous

You should write about conclusion

Jan 17, 2021
Comment analytic paragraph on dubai god sales 2002
by: Diya

Excellent explanation πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎkeep it up

Mar 25, 2021
by: Anonymous

You are the best, you have saved me from my teacher, thank you.

Sep 13, 2021
Excellent Work
by: Anonymous

That is Definitely Good . And Thanks For This and also for Saving from my Teacher . πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

May 24, 2023
Very helpful
by: Gagan

I heartly thank full to you for this writing task 1
It really helps me tomorrow is my test so thank you very much ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

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the line graph illustrate the sales of gold in Dubai in 2002 in millions of Dirhams. overall, in March 2002 the sales of gold was in the highest profit for sales estimate 350 million Dirhams

as we can see, Jan is the first month in this year and the sales began at 200 million and had increased in Feb to half of the sales in Jan which is almost 250 . in Mar the sales had doubled rose at 350 million . in Apr sales fell as before in Feb which 250 million.
in May, Jun, Jul had gradually fallen, the estimated sales were between 200 and 100 million Dirhams . in Aug the sales went up significantly to 200 million Dirhams. in Sep sales dropped again to almost 110 million . in Oct rose approximately to 170 million Dirhams. the sales didn't move from Oct's sales and the sales were between 170,180 and 190 million Dirhams in the last three months in this year.

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