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IELTS Line Graph - Electrical Appliances and Housework

by Tammy

Percentage of households with electrical appliances (1920-2019)

Percentage of households with electrical appliances (1920-2019)

The charts show the changes in ownership of electrical appliances and amount of time spent doing housework in households in one country between 1920 and 2019.

The charts show the percentage of households who own three types of electrical appliances: washing machine, refrigerator, and vacuum cleaner, and each household’s number of hours of weekly housework from 1920 to 2019. The rate of households with electrical appliances experienced upward trends in all appliances, while the number of hours of a household’s housework per week decreased gradually over the time period.

The rate of household with a washing machine was the highest among other appliances which appeared to be 40% in 1920. It was gradually increased to reach about 75% in 2019. The percentage of household who own a refrigerator was at the lowest in 1920, but the percentage was dramatically rose to 90% in 1960. There was a gradual increased of 10% in 1980 and, after that, the rate was stable until the end of the period.

The amount of time each household spend doing housework was 50 hours per week in 1920 and decreased steadily to 20 hours per week in 1960. Then, the amount of time reached the percentage 0f 10 at 2019.

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