IELTS Line Graph - Full and Part-Time Study

by Natalia Angulo
(Melbourne, Australia )

The bar chart illustrates the number of males and felmales in Britain studying part time and full time over the period 1970/71’ 1980/81 and 1990/91.

In regard to male students part time was a decrease from 1000 to about 820 in 1970/71 to 1980/81, however in the period 1990/91 was a slight increase up to approximately 850. In terms of full time male students had a gradually increased over the there periods.

In case of female students part time there was a consistent increase in the three periods from about 750 in 1970/71, 810 in 1980/81 and finally reached approximately 1100 in 1990/91. The same patron can be seen in female students full time but in a minor proportion from about 100 in 1970/71, 210 in 1980/81 and approximately 230 in 1990/91.

Overall, the number of female and male students had increased in further education with a slight decrease in case of male students part time.

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