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IELTS Line Graph - Popularity of Three Subjects

by Sultan

The graph provides information about the popularity of three subjects, Medicine, Humanities, and Science between the years 1960 and 2020 at a local university.

Overall, it is clear that throughout years there are some fluctuations at all three subjects' enrolment popularity.

At 1960 Medicine has 20%, Science has 30%, and lastly Humanities has about 45% enrolment. Until 1980 medicine experienced a little rise to about 25% ,while Science went down to almost 25%. Unlike Medicine and Science, having very little fluctuations, Humanities stayed the same half of the period, then dropped to nearly 32% by 1980.

Looking at the period between 1980 and 2000 we can clearly see that Science levelled off the whole period, while Medicine went up to nearly 32%, only to drop down after 2000. In addition, Humanities still losing popularity, it's enrolment dropped to 7% at 2020, and being the least popular among three subjects. By 2020 Science rose to about 30%. In contrast to having ups and downs Medicine also rose to about 30%.

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