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IELTS Line Graph - Recycling Rate

by Nini
(Saudi Arabia )

Recycling Rate for Selected Materials

Recycling Rate for Selected Materials

The graph below shows the proportion of four different material that was recycled from 1982 to 2010.

Overall, a higher percentage in paper and cardboard were recycling than plastic in all years, recycling in glass containers, paper and cardboard are both increased in each year over the period. However, the proportion of glass containers and paper with cardboard are slight across the various years.

In the other hand, aluminium cans had the lowest rate at the beginning of the period, at about 5% between 1982-1986. However, by 2008 this had increased to approximately 30%, reaching a similar level to the glass container.

On the contrary, recycling for plastic had the lowest proportion over the period. With 1% in 1988 rising to just under 10% in 2008. As result, this figure had increased to around 8% by 2008.

To sum up, we could say those glass containers, paper and cardboard had a higher proportion. Otherwise, aluminium cans and plastic had the lowest rate in each year over the period.

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