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IELTS Line Graph - Student Enrolment

by lee

overseas students

overseas students

The graphs show the enrolments of overseas students and local students in Australian universities over a ten year period.

The graph illustrates the total and commencing number of enrolments of both overseas and local students over a span of 10 years(2001 to 2010) in Australian universities.

Overall, the overseas students have an increase in the total enrolments. However, coming to the commencing enrolments of overseas students, there has been a gradual increase over past 10 years. The total enrolments of local students has been increased with high number but later remained steady after 6years. The commencing enrolments increased in first two years and later was not so stabilized.

The overseas students total enrolment, they rose from about 20000 to 80000 in the span of 10 years(2001 to 2010). But the total enrolments were in thousands and lot less than the local students, where they gradually increased from 400000 to 600000 in the span of 7 years and later the total enrolments remained steady for the next three years.

In commencing enrolments of the overseas students was more stable than the local students commencing enrolments. In overseas students commencing enrolment, the number of enrolments gradually increased from below 20000 to 40000 in just 10 years and remained stable in 2009 to 2010 with slight increase. But in local students commencing enrolments, There were so many variations, in the first two years, they gradually increased from below 200000 to above 200000, but later they dropped below 200000 and attained 200000 again in 2007. Then, it slightly had an increase above 200000 and again fell into the 200000 mark in 2010.

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