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IELTS Line Graph - The changing patterns of domestic access to technology

by thirakorn - peem

The graph illustrates the changes in domestic access to modern technology in the UK from 1996 and 7 years later.

It is apparent from the charts, domestic usage for all technology gradually increased. There was a dramatic rose in CD player, personal computer, which to be recored from 1996 to 2003. Likewise, the trend for internet access was upward, from 10% in 1998 to 40% above in 2003. The phone usage fluctuated wildly, but the trend was went up.

Between 1996 to 2003, home computer gradually climbed up from 30% to just over 50% by 2003. Similarly, CD player accessibility also steadily gained about 23% from 60% to 83% domestic usage. The mobile phone started with the lowest percentage at 18% usage, it ascended enormously to 70%, surpassing home computers at the beginning of 1999 to about 70% usage by 2003. By contrast, the percentage of internet access went up dramatically, from 10% to 43% in the last year.

Overall, The domestic for four technology steadily increased, the percentage of mobile phone usage and internet access surge dramatically. Similarly, CD player and Home computer rise dramatically.

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