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IELTS Pie Chart - Energy Usage and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Australia

by Ravan Maharramov
(Baku. Memar Ajami m/s)

The juxtaposed pie charts elaborate on the data regarding energy is used in an average and the greenhouse gas emmissions in Australian household.

Overall, it can be obviously seen that heating is the most predominant factor compared to water heating in energy use while water heating is the highest one in greenhouse gas emmissions.

On a closer inspection, the charts reveal that Heating comes top of the list accounting for 42% in energy use. Water heating is less than Heating with the proportion of 30% in energy use. Refrigeration, lighting and cooling come bottom of the list with 7%,4% and 2% respectively. Other appliances are the average ones which is accounted for 15% in energy use.

By contrast, water heating and other appliances are almost equal to each other with the percentage of 32% and 28% in turn in greenhoue gas emissions . Refrigation and heating systems are almost not differentiated with each other with the proportion of 14% and 15% respectively. The remaining parts are cooling and lighting which is the least ones in the chart with 3% and 8% in turn in greenhouse gas emissions.

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