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IELTS Pie Chart - Reasons for Immigration

by Baool

According to the chart, we see the different causes that drove people to leave or come to the UK in 2007, it’s also obvious that employment was one of the main factors in making this decision.
The aim for a definite job made roughly up to 31% of total reasons for both immigration and emigration from the UK, however, the number of people who were looking for work at the UK represented below a quarter, and interestingly at 22%, people answered that was their reason leaving the UK.

We can also see that a large number of people, at 26% came to the UK for study, and obviously, less than 5% left for the same reason.

People who were joining their family were represented at 15% and 13% of total immigration and emigration reasons respectively.

A small percentage of people responded with no specific reason or ‘other’ for their immigration, at 17% and roughly a third gave the same response for their emigration

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Jul 06, 2018
by: Anonymous


Nice writing but you could summarize the information more closely and to decrease the paragraphs. It's like each one is separated.

And another is that phrases such as "we see" or "we can see" are not allowed in the ielts task 1. Only third person voice is allowed. If you want to get high bands you shouldn't use it.

Good luck with your preparation. I hope that I helped you! :-) :-) :-)

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