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IELTS Preparation Tips

by qwerty

I hope everyone who is preparing for IELTS reads these IELTS preparation tips a few weeks before sitting their exam. I got my results on Dec 18th and they are as follows:

L - 8.5
R - 8
W - 7.5
S - 7

Overall - 8

I just wanna tell you how I prepared for it.


I did 42 sample listenings in total. I can tell you that the Listening is all about practice and concentration, and to me, is the easiest part of the exam.

When you practice, don't forget to transfer your answers to an answer sheet. This will help you get used to it, which I believe is helpful in the exam.

If you feel unsure whether you need to put a capital letter or not, then simply write all your answers in capitals.


Unlike the Listening, where I've scored a 9 a several times, doing so in R is quite more challenging, though scoring a high point is not impossible. Here are my IELTS preparation tips:

Try doing the 3 passages and transfer all your answers to the answer sheet in 45 minutes. When I started doing this, at first I scored 6 and 6.5 on every test and I thought I'd never do better. However, over the time, I improved a lot, though my maximum on R was 8.5.

First you read the questions, underlining the key words. Then you start reading the passage from the very beginning and find the answers for the questions. There is no need to read the whole text as this will lose you a lot of time, though some questions may require you do so.

On my IELTS test, I used this technique and I did the first two passages in 30 minutes, which was useful, because the third one can be very difficult.

Try using different techniques and avoid searching the web for such as every person has their own way of dealing with the reading paper.


Writing is, like many would agree, the most challenging part of IELTS. I'll just give you some writing IELTS preparation tips and words of advice:

1. Find a teacher to check your work and don't waste your time looking for an "IELTS teacher" in the hope that such would be more of a help, because it is only the writing examiners who know how to mark IELTS writings. Although an IELTS teacher can be more familiar with the exam format, they will never be able to assess your writings, as will the examiners.

2. Try both tasks for 50 minutes and ALWAYS start with the essay, because it is worth twice as more as the other task. On my exam, I spent forty five minutes on my essay and although I didn't manage to finish my bar chart, I got 7.5.

3. Search the web for sample Band 9 essays and instead of thinking how you'll never get a 9, write down phrases you find useful. You'll see that linking words such as however, nonetheless and so on are rarely used in these. I even started my essay with a sentence I remembered reading in an essay online and no, it is not a problem, unless your answer is totally memorised in which case you'll get a band 0.

4. Think of common essay
question topics
, i.e. climate change, traffic, education, and spend some time reading articles concerning these topics as this will help you make your own point of view and save you time during the exam.

5. Don't dive directly into writing without spending at least 5 minutes planning your answer. Begin with reading the question carefully, then think of how should you structure your essay and most importantly - don't forget to begin your essay with a sentence that is interesting. That way, you'll grab the attention of the reader.

6. I want you to know that it is almost impossible to achieve band 9 on writing and personally, I haven't heard of anyone who have done it. I know people with 8.5, but not with a 9, so just do your best, hope for the best and expect the worst. When I quit the exam room I thought I did very bad on W and I would get no more than a 6. When I got my results, I spend two minutes staring at the screen - I couldn't believe what I saw.

7. When you get your score and, for example, you have 7 on writing and you are fully sure that your answer deserves better than what you got, you can have your test reassessed, for which, of course, you will be charged. If you want this to happen, your work will be checked by another examiner and if your score changes, you will be refunded with all your money. I watched a video on YouTube about a boy, whose results were

L - 9
R - 9
W - 7.5
S - 9

He had no doubt his writing was too good for a 7.5, so he was charged and his work was reassessed, and guess what - his score increased up to 8.5. So, again, only if you are fully sure and willing to spend the money, get your test reassessed.

8. I recommend you buy the two eBooks offered by this website. I doubted if I really needed these, but it didn't take me much time to realise that my money was well-invested. Many students fail to achieve high band on W simply because they don't know what the examiners are looking for and since Cambridge seem to have neglected the writing part of IELTS, these two books will be of a great help to everyone, no matter which band they are aiming at.


I practiced the Speaking with my teacher nearly 5 times, because I thought I would need more practice on the other parts. I wasn't surprised when I got a 7, though I am sure that if I had practiced more, I would have achieved a higher band. What you need to do is just find someone to speak to and do the whole exam with them many times.

Generally, as I think I've mentioned above in these IELTS preparation tips, IELTS is all about techniques. Don't waste your time and money buying grammar and vocabulary books as I think this is unnecessary. Make sure you've practiced enough before sitting the exam.

My email is I'd be glad to help anyone who has trouble understanding something regarding the exam, though I won't be able to help with the speaking as I've been really busy recently.

Good luck everyone.

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Jan 02, 2016
IELTS Preparation Tips
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Benny,

Thanks for your post and advice. There are some great tips in there.

Hopefully people will read it and learn some useful techniques to help them in the test.

Jan 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

helpful for us therefore i read all instruction and thank full to your cooperation.

Jan 07, 2016
Gud luck
by: Liza

Hey thanks for posting this! I'm very bad in speaking and writing plz help me what should I do

Jan 07, 2016
Reading Task
by: Anonymous


Thank you for your tips.

Can you give more details on the reading section? What do you mean by keywords? How you can point these words out?

Time is too limited for this task and every time I enter the exam I am unable to answer all the questions. Need more advice.


Jan 07, 2016
IELTS Preparation Tips - Help
by: The author

Hi all,

I am glad to hear that you find my post helpful. I would to ask anyone who has questions regarding the exam to email me. You can find my email address at the end of the post.


Jan 07, 2016
Key Words
by: IELTS buddy

'Key' in this context means 'important'.

So underline important words that will help you find the answers.

It could be things like names of people, places, organizations, dates etc.

You can then scan the text quickly to find where the right information is to get the answer.

Jan 07, 2016
Thanks for tips
by: Anonymous

Thank you to share IELTS preparation tips with us, I am going to take exam on Feb 20. I think writing and speaking need more techniques than the rest of two, and listening needs candidates to notice some tricky points.

Jan 09, 2016
by: Ahmad

Thank you for your advise.
All your tips are useful.

Jan 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi Benny,
Thank you very much for ur advice. All these key points are useful for me n my friends.

Jan 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thanks, really helpful for us who are preparing for the exam.

Jan 16, 2016
How to get 7 in speaking?
by: Anonymous

Well, actually I have problems with speaking part 3. What phrases should I use to get high score? Can you suggest me how to do well, I mean how can I get 7 band in speaking?

I really need your help please because it's nearly my ielts exam day

Jan 17, 2016
Asking for assistance
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your great tips.

Honestly, I am very poor in Reading skill. Is it possible if you could keep informing me about how to improve this skill in terms of using techniques for section.

Best Regards

Jan 18, 2016
Need help for speaking
by: Anonymous

Hello Everyone,

I need someone for Speaking Practice if anyone willing to help me then please contact me in skype my Id is

Thank you in advance.

Jan 18, 2016
by: Anonymous


could you please help me, how to score 7 bands in reading. I have done many practices but could not improve the band score of 5.5. I am really nervous as my exams are ahead.


Jan 19, 2016
Good and thanks...

Thanks for your valuable comments on IELTS...Your IELTS preparation tips and comments motivated me much... Thank you especially for that.

Jan 19, 2016
by: disny

Thank you so much

Jan 22, 2016
how to got gud score in ilets
by: bajinder singh

hello friend i cannot require score in listening, writing and speaking module. please suggest the idea how i can improve this problem?

Jan 31, 2016
Preparation for IELTS exam
by: Adeshina

Thanks I am preparing for my IELTS exams this has really given me more confident now.

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