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IELTS Table: Activities of Unemployed

by Samin Aziz

The table shows how the UK unemployed spent their time last year.

The table shows how the UK unemployed spent their time last year.

The table illustrates the rate of time spent by unemployed males and females in the United Kingdom during the previous year.

Overall, it is clear that the busy chores were carried out in the morning by both genders, leaving leisure activities for the afternoon times.

To begin, females spent most of their time in Housework during the morning and daytime which accounted for 49% and 21% respectively. Furthermore, they also spent a lot of their time shopping during the mornings and in the afternoon (which was slightly lower than 9% percent). Furthermore, the activity rates such as watching TV and reading were significantly lower in the earlier times but increased during the day from 2 and 5 to 12 and 10 percent respectively.

On the other hand, the opposite sex allocated most of their time to Job hunting (22%), Shopping (20%), and Housework (19%) during the morning. However, the figures decreased significantly during the later part of the day. One activity that men commonly did was gardening, spending about 13 to 14 percent in both times.

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