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IELTS Table - Computer and Internet Users

by Hoang
(Viet Nam)

The table shows the percentage of Australian households with access to computers or internet 1998-2000.

The table shows the percentage of Australian households with access to computers or internet 1998-2000.

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The table gives information involved in the number of Australian computer users and internet users based on their income level (below or above $ 50.000) in 3 years 1998,1999, and 2000.

Overall, the given periods saw an upward trend in the proportion of users regardless of their income in which who have higher salary (above $ 50.000) tend to use computer and surf the internet with higher level of frequency.

In 1998, there was a wide gap between the figures for home-based people interacting with computer. Whereas 34% accounts for the level of the low-paid using computer, that of higher-paid households was approximately twofold at about 69%. The next two years experienced a slight rise in total percentage of computer usage, rising to 33% and 37% respectively which refers to lower-paid ones in comparison with that of households, above $50.000 annual income, which dominantly accounts for 71% and 77% accordingly.

In terms of the proportion of netizens in the same periods, those, below $ 50.000 annual income, saw a sharp increase in the frequency level of internet access, increasing by double at the end of 2000, from merely 10% to almost 21%. It is obvious that the percentage of internet users who have high level of wage witnessed a significant rise, by exact 22% from 34% to 57% in 1988 and 2000 accordingly.

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