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IELTS Table - Consumer Spending on Different Items

by Spark

The table gives information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002

The table gives information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002


I really need a band 7. Can you please tell me if its good enough for me to sit the exam. I will really appreciate your answer :)


The table statistically illustrates the proportion of people's expenses for various items in different countries of Europe i.e Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey in the year 2002. It can be clearly seen that the national consumer expenditure on food items and education is highest in Turkey and lowest in Sweden and Spain respectively.

All of these countries prefer spending most of their income on edibles, drinks and on smoking. A moderate amount is spent on clothing and footwear articles while an even lesser amount is spent on recreational activities and education.

Food, drinks and tobacco consumption is 32.14% in Turkey which is twice the amount spent by Italy (16.36%), and is followed by Ireland with a 28.91% expenditure. Spain and Sweden are relatively close to Italy with 18.80% and 15.77% respectively.

Italy's consumer expenditure on clothing is 9% while it is quite less in the other countries.

Recreational activities and education are comparatively considered important in Italy (4.35%) with the trend decreasing to almost 2% in Spain.

After analyzing these facts, it can be concluded that people of Turkey are most concerned about their health and education while Italy invests most on fashion industry.

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Jun 20, 2015
Consumer Spending on Different Items
by: Nilam

I guess the structure of the report needs improvement. it should be well organised perhaps one para for each category including comparison.

i also believe that this task does not require our opinion, although it is definitely good to have conclusion.

however, you have include most of the points and presented good comparison.

Don't mind me for the comments but this is what i learned and achieved ielts 7 in writing.

Jun 20, 2015
Appreciate it!
by: Spark

Thanks for checking this. I will definitely look into these points and try to organize the data well

Jun 20, 2015
classy with some improvements
by: salman

Agreed with the Instructor, every category should be explain in different paragraphs,so that to complete the comparison.....excluding this point, yours Eassy is fantastic.

Dec 28, 2017
good and precise!
by: Anonymous

very well written!

Apr 03, 2018
by: Anonymous

Please I'm a beginner range me.

The table statistically illustrates the proportion of consumer spending on different items in five countries (Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey) in the year 2002. All these countries prefer spending on food/drinks/tobacco.

Almost the five countries, Turkey spends on food/drinks/tobacco and leisure/education the highest with 32.14% and 4.35% respectively.
Italy's spending on clothing/footwear is the highest with 9.00% as compare to Sweden which is the least with 5.40%.

After analyzing these facts, it can be concluded that people in Turkey are more concerned with their health, education and leisure while Italians invest more in fashion designing.

Apr 16, 2018
Please,help go thru and criticise my essay
by: Festus

The table illustrates information on consumer expenditures in five different countries namely: Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey, in the year 2000.

Overall, Turkey spent the highest percentage of expenditure on Food/Drinks/Tobacco, whereas,Sweden spent the least proportion.However, Italy had the largest percentage of spendings on Clothing/Footwear, while Sweden spent the lowest.On leisure/Education, Turkey expended the highest percentage, meanwhile, Spain had the lowest percentage.

To start with, Turkey spent 32.14% on Food/Drinks/Tobacco which was as twice as Sweden's expenditure on the same items, at 15.77%. Ireland expended nearly 30% ,the second largest expenditures.

Moreover, Italy had the largest proportion of expenditure on Clothing/Footwear at 9% ,whereas, Turkey had the second largest percentage spending on the same materials, at 6.51%,which was just a little above that of Spain. Ireland spent 6.43% on similar goods, 1.03% higher than Sweden's expenditure.

Finally,on Education/Leisure, Turkey incurred the greatest proportion of expenditure which was almost as twice as Ireland's proportion of expenditure (2.21%). The second highest percentage expenditure was by Sweden at 3.22%, which was just about 0.2% slightly higher than Italy expenditure.Spain had the least percentage expenditure, which was nearly 2%.

Mar 22, 2019
Task 1
by: Anonymous

I am writing this task after so long please comment how much bands i can get with this
The given table analyse the percentage of spending on various daily living items by the people of five european countries in the year 2002.

Overall, it is crystal clear that among five countries turkish individuals spent more on food, drinks and smoking whereas, italian people were more fond of clothing and footwears due to which their expense on clothing and footwears was highest out of all other five countries. On the other hand spending on items like leisure and education by all countries wasn’t too appealing.

In details, turkey was the country with largest proportion of spending on food, drinks and smoking which was 32.14%. However, ireland was at second place with 28.91% which was nearly 10% extra than spain who spent 18.80% of their total expense. Whereas as countries like italy and sweden had almost equal contribution in this area with 16.36 and 15.77 percent respectively.

If we look at the expenditure on clothing/ footwear and leisure/ education, italy and turkey showed highest percentage in comparison to other countries with 9% by italy on clothing/footwear and 4.35% by turkey over leisure/education. In contrary, sweden spent less on clothing item which was only 5.40% which was slightly more than half of the highest range in that category. Similarly, spain spent least in the field of leisure/ recreation which was almost 2% which is also half of the largest percentage of spending on this item.

Sep 09, 2019
Rate me pleassss
by: Gift

The table illustrates the in three categories, the expenses of five sellected countries on different items.from this table, it clearly shows that most of these countries preferred spending on food/drinks/tobacco.

To begin, Turkey had the highest expenses on food, drinks and tobacco at the rate of 32.14 per cent followed by Ireland with the rate of 28.91 per cent while Spain, Italy, and Sweden spent less on those items at the rate of (18.80 ,16.36 15.77)per cent respectively.

Next, Itally had the highest expenditure on clothing and footwear at the rate of 9per cent, meanwhile, Turkey, Spain and Ireland spent similarly on same items at the rate of (6.61, 6.51, and 6.43)percent respectively and Sweden had the lowest 5.40 percent.

Finally, thses five countries had little or no interest in lesures and education, so they spent lesser on them. Turkey spent 4.35 percent which was the highest,while Spain spent the list 1.98 percent.

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