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IELTS Table - Leisure Time

by Tam

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The table presents statistical data on the changes in the hour being spent on six distinct hobbies by seven groups of age in Someland.

An overview from this chart highlights the fact that almost all of the hours for entertainments diminished, with the noticeable exceptions of socialising with less people and individual exercise.

To be more specific, the majority of the teenagers stated that they were partial towards watching TV and videos at 1200 hours per year, while none of the over-70 people were keen on group sports (0 hours). In other sectors, individual exercise remained stable in the figures at exactly 200 hours each year by the 30s and the following age group. As regards the entertainment time, in spite of the high hours being used by the youngsters (450 hours), the data of group exercise plummeted until 0 in the end of the lifespan. It is clearly seen that while there was a slight rise in the level of socialising with four or less people from 150 to 200 hours, inversely, we can see a collapse in that of interacting with more than four partners until 25 from 350 hours per year between the youngest and the oldest groups of age.

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