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IELTS Table - Number of Mobile Phones Sold

by Liv

Number of Mobile Phones Sold in Millions

Number of Mobile Phones Sold in Millions

The provided table illustrates the amount of mobile phones, measured in millions, from five different brands are sold over a period of six years. Overall, Samsung and Apple has an upward trend, while Nokia does not show great discrepancy and the rest decrease.

As can be seen, Ericsson had the lowest number at the beginning of the period with 74 millions. Although it increased by over a quarter the following year, its figure experienced a gradual decline of 74 millions by 2012. Moreover, Motorola initially almost doubled Samsung's sales. However, its demand fell dramatically over time until reaching the lowest of just under one-third sold at the end of the period, making the figure the smallest alongside Ericsson's.

In contrast, Nokia's figures ranged from a low of 335 millions in 2012 and a high of 475 millions four years earlier. This depicted of only one-tenth reduction in sales from its initial number. Meanwhile, Samsung made it to the top of the mobile market, reaching 396.5 millions the final year, a growth which was more than three times its earliest number. For Apple, only a small fraction of 2.3 millions products were sold during its first year. Despite a slow start, the number eventually increased significantly until exceeding those of its two counterparts, Nokia and Motorola, by over 100 millions in the year 2012.

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