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IELTS Task 1 - Use of Water among Gulf Countries

by leo

The graph compares domestic, agriculture and industrial use of water among gulf countries, in the year of 2000. It can be seen that Oman and Saudi Arabic account for the largest amount of agriculture use of water, while Bahrain and Kuwait represent the highest demand for domestic use of water.

With regard to agriculture use of water, more than 80% of water is consumed by Oman and Saudi Arabic. The second largest group is Qatar and UAE, sharing approximately equal amount of 60%. This figure equals to the total consumption by Bahrain and Kuwait, at nearly 40% and 20% respectively.

However, In terms of domestic use of water, both Kuwait and Bahrain require more than 50% of water use. This figure is nearly twice as high as for the second largest group, Qatar and UAE. Noticeably, most countries experience a low level of industrial use of water, but only Kuwait consume relatively high of 20%.

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