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IELTS Writing Task 1 Language Exercise

This IELTS writing task 1 language exercise for the academic module tests and teaches you about grammar and vocabulary.

The exercise will improve your flexibility for writing about graphs. The sentences mostly are related to graphs or charts that are based around writing about changes over time, which is common in the test. 

Think carefully about which words will fit in the gap or how the words you have been given need to be changed to fit grammatically.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Language Exercise

Gap Fill


The following sentences have gaps in. Place the right word(s) in the gaps. For some you are given one or two words in brackets that you need to add and change to fit correctly. For some you have to work out what word is missing.

1. The graph illustrates a gradual decline in sales in 2020, with figures
(drop - consistent).
2. The data depicts a
(fluctuate) pattern in the stock market.
3. In contrast to the initial period, there was a significant upswing in productivity, jumping
50 units
120 units per hour.
4. Last year there
(be) a
(mark) contrast between urban and rural population growth.
5. The line graph depicts a gradual but consistent decline in air quality over the past decade, with pollution levels
(reach) a concerning peak.
6. There was a clear correlation between advertising expenditures and product sales, with
(increase - spend) leading to a subsequent rise in revenue.
(experience) a steady increase, the number of participants in the study climbed from 200 to 400 over the ten-year period.
8. Sales figures
(fall - steady) over the past five years. (Tip: the time frame is the past up to the present time)
9. The stock market displayed both
(peak) and
(trough) throughout the observed timeframe.
10. Productivity, which initially
(stand) at 50 units per hour, experienced a significant upswing, reaching 120 units by the end of the study.
11. There
(be) a dramatic surge in immigration in 2030.
2015 and 2023, natural disasters displayed a cyclical pattern, with peaks occurring every five years.
13. Technological advancements are occurring every two to three years,
(accord) to the data.
14. Urban population growth
(experience) a rapid surge, while rural areas
(witness) the opposite in the previous decade.
15. Manufacturing output saw a substantial drop in the first half of the year, followed by a rapid
(recover) in the second half.

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