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January 2018 - Developing Ideas for Charity Essay Question

by IELTS buddy

This exercise is to help you brainstorm ideas for essay questions. A few people have said recently that they have difficulty coming up with ideas.

This was a recent essay question:
Some people believe that charity organisations should give aid to those in greatest need, wherever they live. Other believe that charity organisations should focus on assisting people in their own country instead.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

With this type of essay question, you need to discuss both opinions, so you should brainstorm ideas for each of them.

What ideas can you come up with for each of these opinions?

Try to think of at least three for each. You don't have to use all the ideas when you write your essay - you can delete the ones you don't think are so good.

You can post your answers below. I'll then post some of the best ideas on Friday.

1. Charity organisations should give aid to those in greatest need, wherever they live

Your reasons why:


2. Charity organisations should focus on assisting people in their own country instead.

Your reasons why:




The key issue that this essay question is addressing is whether it is right that charities send money abroad to help people when there are so many people that need help in their own country.

Some people are very against this and so it is a controversial issue. It's not necessarily about developing and developed countries, though it's ok to write about this because it does of course tend to be the richer developed countries that send money abroad.

Any ideas are ok (as long at they are directly answering the question of course) as long as you can justify and explain them.

But you must be careful about staying on topic. Some people said that charities should help those in their country because they understand their country better.

That is going off topic because there is no suggestion that charities would stop helping people in their own country or that they are not best placed to understand people in their own countries. It is just about whether it is a waste to spend their resources abroad.

Several people said that charities should help people only in their own country for 'economic reasons'. It is unclear what this means so it would need more explanation.

Here are some that I thought were good ideas that were clear, directly answered the question and could be explained further with other support.

1. Helping Other Countries

a. Developed Country's Charity Organizations have much funds to help beyond their country.

This is the argument mentioned above that if a country is rich, then the charities probably have enough money to help other countries as well.

b. This may improve relationships between countries in this world.

Again a perfectly valid argument that could be supported with more explanation. If countries help each other with money, then it follows that relations between them may improve.

c. All humans should have access to health care and education no matter what their background is.

This is bringing in the moral argument that all people should be helped, regardless of where they come from. So it's about targeting the most in need rather than focusing on your own country.

d. Poor countries that face natural disasters need help as they don't have the resources to deal with emergencies like this.

This is one I added. You could mention about how when sudden events occur like an earthquake, those countries will need assistance from charities abroad.

2. Helping only your own country

a. Don't risk diplomatic or political crises with other governments

This is a good example of an idea which not everyone may agree with, but it is fine as long as it is your idea, it answers the question, and you can support it. You would just need to explain why aid to another nation may lead to political or diplomatic problems. As long as it is logically supported and answers the question it would be fine.

b. The priority is always for closer people

Again you could argue that morally it is right to just support those who are in your own country.

c. We also have a lot of people in need in our countries

This is similar to the last one but it is more about money specifically. As there are so many people in need in our own countries, it does not make sense to help those elsewhere.


These are just some of the arguments and there will likely be more. The important point is that you are not coming up with the perfect idea, but that it answers the question and you can explain it.

There would be too many ideas above to write about in one essay, so you'd need to select which you thought were the best ones (probably 2 for each opinion) and the ones that you could explain and support the best.

Comments for January 2018 - Developing Ideas for Charity Essay Question

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Feb 18, 2018
extending charitable gesture beyond your country
by: Anonymous

An act of charity should be extended beyond your country based on the reasons stated below:

1.It will enhance cordial relationship among the nations.

2. It create an avenue to contribute to the growth and development of a needing country or community.

3.It promote strong economic ties amongst nations.

Charitable activities should be limited to your country.

1.should eventualities happens there will be adequate provisioning to address the situation

Feb 10, 2018
Charity organisation should support people within or outside their own country.
by: Anonymous

Charity organizations should also extend to other countries

1) It helps in building good relations between the countries.

2) If it is accepting foreign donations they should surely expand their wings towards the most needed people outside their country.

3) If the organization is having funds more than the required in their own country, it should spend it on the most needed ones outside their country to reach out to the maximum people.

4) It should surely help the poor countries at the time of some natural disaster or calamity.

Charity organizations should favor their own country first.

1) Morally it true that the close ones come first.

2) Under limited funds, such organizations should prioritize their own people first.

3) It might cause diplomatic or political crises between two nations if the other one didn't find the action productive.

Feb 05, 2018
by: Shahad

I Think

1) If they start giving out help and funds for people who are considered in-need for help then this will result in not being able to focus on the local sector that needs this support, hence this will have destructive effects on the country's overall ( economically).

2) While I believe also on the other side, that providing help to those who really are facing some hard conditions and their local governments couldn't really provide any further assistance then I guess this will be from humanity side which is who we are.

3) Finally charity organizations missions are focused to help who ever is in need, but ofcourse when they have really covered their part locally only then they can start to provide help and assistance to international individuals.

Feb 04, 2018
Introduction and Conclusion
by: IELTS buddy

There is not a fixed way to write those as it depends on your opinion etc but you could have something like this:


Most charities have the choice as to whether they give money abroad or spend it at home. While some people argue that it is best to provide money wherever it is most needed, I believe that the best option is to assist people in the country where the charity is based.


In conclusion, although there are arguments for channeling charity resources abroad or to where money is most required, I would argue that charities should spend this money in their own country.

Jan 29, 2018
What can be the introduction of this essay?
by: Mohit

Can you please tell me the introduction and conclusion of the same as body part is very much clear now?

Jan 29, 2018
Essay - Charity Organization
by: Anonymous

1. Charity Organizations should aid the people in greatest need, no matter wherever they live

A. Developed Countries should extend their helping hands to the developing and under-developed countries
B. Acute natural disasters can never be resourced within the country, which obviously requires greater support from other countries as well to recover better
C. This encourages and improves people to have broader view.

2. Charity Organizaions should assist the people from their own country

A. When there are still people under poverty line from their own country, helping those in others would not justify anything.
B. Charity connects people when provided to the people within the country and thus provides good visibility
C. Donations may be misused if provided to other countries where we do not have much transparency.

Jan 26, 2018
more possible issues
by: Aref_Mohd

1. Charity organisations should give aid to those in greatest need, wherever they live

Your reasons why:

a. People will tend to migrate to wealthier countries seeking better life which will impose economical and social issues such as increase in unemployment and crime rate. In addition to, possible childhood social and cultural dislocation and sex abuse.

2. Charity organisations should focus on assisting people in their own country instead.

Your reasons why:

a. Help and support is not delivered to people in need and may be swamped by terrorists and used to fund their terror operations.
b. Money that is given to people in need locally will be spent in locally which is economically beneficial.

Jan 08, 2018
by: Samaira

1. Charity organisations should give aid to those in greatest need, wherever they live

Your reasons why:

a. Some nations are better equipped with sources and are richer compared to a few weaker ones.
b. Government Aid is not available to most weak nations as they do not have enough for the basic needs itself.
c. Charity does not distinguish in itself why should humans do then.

2. Charity organisations should focus on assisting people in their own country instead.

Your reasons why:

a. Charity begins at home and should be that ways, people in the nation should benefit first
b. Nation comes first as it is a family, it gives us a lot so we should give some return as well.
c. The credibility of donations outside your country can never be known, it can sometimes be misused as well. Demeaning the entire view of Charity.

Jan 07, 2018
Charity management
by: Daryoush Mohammadion

1) The main purpose of donation or helping others in the form of charity is to heal the pain in mankind, or to make peace with others no matter who or where they are.

2) When there are needs of help at home and abroad, it is challenging to make decision on distribution of charities. I believe, the intensification of situations can help to make judgment on who and where to help.

Jan 05, 2018
What can I do when I have poor idea about the topics...
by: IELTS buddy

You'd need to improve your grammar, which just comes through study / classes / practice.

What is a 'poor idea'? Remember the examiner is marking you on how you present and support your ideas.

The examiner can't mark you down because they don't like your idea (though it must of course be answering the question).

Jan 05, 2018
what can I do when I have poor idea about the topics...
by: Anonymous

If the idea is very poor and makes a lot grammer mistake, what is the solution?

Jan 04, 2018
Charity Essay Question
by: Bamidele

Why to help those in greatest need no matter we are there are

1. Charity is humanitarian in nature and should cut across the borders.
2.Developed Countries Charity Organization has much fund to help beyond their country.
3. There are major and immediate needs like food and water that should attend to no matter where it is needed

Why Charity should be localised

1. Some needs are best attended to by the local charity organization because they know how better.
2. Due to Economic reason

Jan 04, 2018
Developing ideas for Charity Essay
by: Anonymous

1. Charity organisations should give aid to those in greatest need, wherever they live

a. everybody should have access to clean water no matter where they are and how poor they are
b. All humans should have access to health care and education no matter what their background is
c. charity should not stop at our borders

2. Charity organisations should focus on assisting people in their own country instead.

a. we also have a lot of people in need in our countries
b. economical reasons
c. don't risk diplomatic or political crisis with other governments

Jan 04, 2018
we have to do it without any discussion
by: Anonymous

It is a priority and we don't waist the time because people are suffering. People are dying without water and hunger in 2018 and we're thinking about our fitness. Diabetes is a major problem in rich countries and it means we're eating too much but in other hand people don't have food.So let us do something quickly to save lives .

Jan 03, 2018
Charity organizations
by: Anonymous

Ideas for (charity organizations to help people abroad)

1. human values necessitate us to help people who are in need
2. charity work should not be specified to a certain class or certain people
3. this may improve relationships between countries in this world

Ideas for (charity internally only)

1. the pressing priority is for nation's sons
2. to steer clear of the safety hazards in poor countries
3. economic reasons

Jan 03, 2018
Charity organisations
by: Anonymous

1. The need to help people around the world no matter where they live:

a. Charity organizations are humanitarian in nature regardless of colour,culture and language.
b. charity organizations in more developed countries could give greater assistance because of resources available.
c. They would not be biassed by doing so.

2. They need to help people within their locality only:

a.T his is because they would understand their needs better.
b. They wld be immediate in response considering their proximity.
c. They might not spend much resources if they were helping the needy outside their country.

Jan 03, 2018
my brainstorm ideas
by: asinat

reasons to help people in need around the world.

1) charity is an expression for humanity, regardless the nationality was.

2) if charity distributed abroad, a generation with open minds will be borned.

3) national aids is an opportunity to recognize new cultures, and chance to exchange knowledge.

reasons to dedicate aids inside one country.

1) the priority is always for closer people.

2) local community will always need development.

3) it's easier to help people locally.

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