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Line Graph - Average weekly earnings of graduates and non-graduates

by az

Comparison of average weekly earnings of male and female graduates and non-graduates

Comparison of average weekly earnings of male and female graduates and non-graduates

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The graphs provide the comparison of weekly income in average, for both genders, who have academic degree and non-academic degree.

Male payment in a week is dramatically risen from age ranges 16 to 59 for both academic learner and non-academic learner, reaching high of earnings is evident at the ages 50-59 by graduations (approximately 710 pounds ). In the two last levels (40-49 and 50-59) more or less changes have been shown for non-graduations.

In contrast, it is clearly seen that, for female, wages remain mostly the same from ages 25 to 59 for whom have the graduated degree ( mean around 410 pounds) while ages lower than 25 has decreased by around 100 pounds . Non-graduating women earnings increase steadily to 350 pounds in ages 25-29 and slightly fell back to 300 pounds at the end of the age ranges (50-59).

Overall, working age ranges for men and women shows that, the most highest average income in a week is dominated by males in both graduation and non-graduations category.

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