My experience of taking the IELTS Test many times.

by Ana

Hello to everyone once again,

I wrote here recently just to inform other ielts test takers about my experience and horror I have been passing through my examination. All of you who have read my last post are quite good introduced about how many times I took this exam. This was my 17th time!

You know that I got 7.5 last 5 times on speaking but then I got only 6. Ok, I thought then that I did really detrimental mistake as examiner gave me 1.5 lower band in just 15 days difference between exams.

Now I am convinced that it was not the case because I took exam again after fifteen days and I was so disappointed because there was the same examiner who gave me 6 last time. I have received my results this morning and I got 7 on speaking, can you imagine that someone's speaking abilities can vary that much in just one month.

Is that possible to get 7.5 then 6 and 7 all that during one month? What is also important that now I got

L 7.5
R 8
W 6
S 7.

I was surprised again because I got 6 on Writing and I got 7 in last 4 attempts.

I am totally convinced that there is some big problem in British Council in Belgrade and I am determined to write a letter of complaint to all offices who are connected to Ielts tests, so I will write to IDP IELTS Australia as well as to London. I will inform you what happened.

If someone have the same experience as I have please write me because I think that this agony will continue if we do not react as a group. We should all react together to stop this fraud.

Thank you all, especially to this wonderful and supporting site.

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Jun 03, 2017
unfair test
by: Anonymous

It is a matter of business only, they are totally unfair.

Apr 16, 2019
Its so annoying
by: Anonymous

I'm writing this after you 2 years since you posted your complaint, but I'm going through the same issue I have taken the exam for 7 times and every time I get 7.5 in my speaking. However, the last attempt I got 6!!!! not 6.5 I got 6!!!

In addition, I keep on studying and trying my best to get the result that I want but every time I receive the same overall band they just change the score for each section of the test. It is so annoying because sometimes I feel I did really well and in some tests I know I didn't do that good but the overall band is always the same.

I'm starting to feel they are just doing this for finical purposes honestly !!!

Apr 16, 2019
Its so annoying
by: IELTS buddy

I would say the band 6 for your speaking may be wrong if you have been consistently getting 7.5 before. That is too much of a drop, unless there is some other reason it could have suddenly declined.

So if your other scores were what you needed then you might want to consider a remark.

As for the length of time to improve, I can’t know about your individual situation or whether there may have been some errors with the marking, but more generally with language learning it can take a very long time to improve.

Particularly with going from the 7 range to 8 because a band 8 is virtually fluent with very very few errors. That can be difficult to achieve and take a long time.

Jun 22, 2019
IELTS must stop this extortion and harassment
by: Anonymous

This is so horrible. I have written 15 times, and preparing for the 16th. I wonder why they don’t let people combine two or more certificates of the test. All need is 8777 in LRWS respectively. In my last 8 attempts, I’ve always been held back by a 6.5 in Reading or Writing. If only they allow two test certificates I would have long gotten myself out of this nightmare because I’ve already achieved the required band score in all the components.Just that it’s not in one certificate. But I ask, how can it not be enough to prove my English language ability when I’ve been able to show that in the test even though it’s not in one sitting?? This is immoral and exploitative. In fact, wickedness!!

There’s so much power in the hands of IELTS. How can a whole government of a country give them the sole power to evaluate English language skills of people from all over the world whereas there’re other examination bodies (PTE, TOEFL etc)that could do so as well.

Jul 25, 2019
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