Guidelines for writing submission

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The next step is to choose a question / questions, and then when you have competed your task(s), to submit it.

Below are three PDFs with questions for:

  • Task 1 Academic (graphs, diagrams, processes and maps)
  • Task 1 General Training (letters)
  • Task 2 Academic or General Training (essays)

Download the PDF(s) you want and choose your question(s). You can of course choose your own if you have one you prefer to do.

IELTS Questions

Task 1 (Academic)

Task 1 (General Training)

Task 2 (Academic & General Training)

If you are choosing you own questions, you can choose them from this site if you like.

For Task 2 essay questions, you might like to choose them from real recent IELTS essay questions:

Latest IELTS Writing Topics

Submitting Your Writing

Once you have chosen your question and written your answer, simply submit it using the Writing Submission Form that you were sent in your email. 

Make sure you follow the instructions on the Writing Submission Form.