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Mar 12, 2019
Contact me
by: Hema Ravi

Ielts Aspirants may contact me at To read about reviews-

Mar 18, 2019
Excellent Tutor
by: Sukhpreet

Mrs Hema Ravi is an excellent tutor owing to her outstanding communication skills as well as have in-depth knowledge. I really appreciate her dedication and perseverance to teach and motivate her students to receive desired scores. I really thank her as I am able to secure 7 bands in writing and speaking because of her assistance.

May 20, 2019
The writing maestro
by: Lakshmi narayanan

The following content may be long but at any instance is not an exaggeration but at a personal experience of mine in IELTS and with Mrs HEMA.

IELTS being the reputed assessment test for English in the world is almost a nightmare for students all over the world very next to GRE of the USA.

Being a doctor aspiring to practice abroad, IELTS was the first roadblock of my career that haunted me. I failed the first two attempts just by a hairline of 0.5 in the speaking section where my requirement was 7.

Struggling to find the drawback of myself for nearly 3 months I finally came to know about Mrs HEMA personally by my friends.

Mrs HEMA through her highly professional approach quickly identified my weak points in speaking and writing with a very minimal number of encounters with me.

She efficiently provided high quality feedbacks with feasible alternatives for mistakes committed every time.

Not to mention about the fradulent money minting training academies whose adverts are omniscient but never their results speak about them . I was personally cheated by an academy in Chennai where they had naive trainers who only recently graduated from colleges.This is not the condition of this academy alone but for most of the centres present.

So I personally recommend to train yourself with personal trainers rather to fall in a trap of training centres.

Among the whole lot of fake trainers, Mrs HEMA is a highly efficient and qualified trainer with numerous accolades to her credit. Finally not to forget about the genuine nature of her who never insists about money as a first priority which is definitely a rare find.

My final result was 7.5 in all the bands. Thanks to Mrs HEMA who is solely responsible for my score in writing and speaking .

Oct 21, 2019
Student's Rating
by: Hema Ravi

It's a moment of pride and satisfaction for the teacher when her student succeeds...... This is what motivates me to become a better trainer..... Thank you, my lovely students

Nov 16, 2019
IELTS speaking
by: Amandeep

I am immensely impressed by the way she tries to improvise the spoken English. For instance, by providing right refference source, such as online dictionary for pronounciation and her keen attention to the details like grammar, sentence structure and task response for speaking task 2. Meanwhile, the best fact is that she does not try to fit the spoken response to a specific set limits as would happen in the contemporary IELTS speaking classes, instead she emphasis on going beyond the basic spoken English taught to us in the school to an advanced level with her polite feedback on lexical resources and detailed instructions on what the examiner is looking for in the IELTS speaking exam.

Nov 25, 2019
Perfect Mentor
by: Lavanya Sivakumar

I’d like to share my personal experience with Mrs Hema. Having failed IELTS twice by just 0.5 in the writing section, I started my preparation again with hatred and hopelessness. While learning new strategies for writing, I am sure that I would have perused most of the websites with the title "IELTS". But still, I couldn’t make much progress.

Just then, while I was about to give up my preparation, a friend of mine suggested me to contact Mrs Hema. Being erudite in English and experienced in training students for IELTS, she brought my mistakes to spotlight in a very short span of time. She prompted me to improve my skills and correct my mistakes by adopting extremely practical methods.

In fact, I learned a lot by getting my essays corrected by her. A corrected version would point out mistakes, suggest appropriate vocabulary and great ideas.

I can’t thank her enough for improving my speaking skills in just 2 sessions. After answering a question, I would get feedback and a better answer to that question. So, my ideas were enhanced and adorned with great vocabulary.

Mrs Hema is obviously an expert in mentoring students for IELTS, and it was great to be able to learn from her. Of course, I can’t miss mentioning the effort she took to come up with a time slot that is convenient for me. Finally, I got 7.5 in writing and 8 in speaking. This wouldn’t have happened without the training and encouragement of Hema ma’am.

Jan 06, 2020
IELTS tutorials with Hema
by: Quinn Yeoh

I took online classes from Hema for speaking. Hema is a sincere and experienced tutor who genuinely hope to help her students get good scores in IELTS. She gave me tips which has really helped me to get desired band in IELTS. Besides, her guidance really helped to achieve a good score in a short duration of preparation.I would like to recommend her to other students who are in need of a dedicated tutor!

Jun 24, 2020
IELTS - writing lessons
by: Anita Yadav

I took Writing task 2 lessons from Hema Ma'am. She was very helpful and was able to identify my weak areas really quick. She gave me writing tips and patterns which are needed to crack the exam. I worked on her feedback and finally achieved my desired band score. We get a lot of training material on internet but without proper guidance we are unable to achieve our goals. Hema Mam's guidance helped me out in this chaotic situation. I would highly recommend her as she can take your preparations to a next level. My Score L-9, R-9, W-7, S-8. Thank you Mam.

Jul 23, 2020
Great writing lessons from Hema mam
by: Rachana Ahire


I took writing lessons from Hema mam and recently have scored R-7.5 W-7 L-8.5 S-8.This was my third attempt and I have finally succeeded in gaining required scores.I would like to thank her for the dedication and advise that has proven to be very helpful.One of the advantage of taking assessments from Hema mam was her instant reply and easy way of explaining complex doubts with help of examples and useful links which she forwarded to me.

I would like to recommend her to anyone who is finding trouble in scoring good writing band.


Jul 23, 2020
You did it.....
by: Hema Ravi

Heartiest congratulations, Rachna, wishing you success in all your endeavors...

Aug 13, 2020
Online Tutoring for IELTS Writing
by: Anonymous


I'm looking for an IELTS Writing tutor. How do I reach out to you to learn more about your services?

Aug 20, 2020
Great teacher
by: Rushi

The best teacher that there could be for ielts, the feedback that she provides is amazing and you can improve with each essay that you write as you pick up the techniques and certain vocabulary that you can use in any essay and get over band 7. It really helps to have feedback and she provides detail feedback and improvements that there is no way you will not improve, you will definitely get the band you need with her help. Speaking help is great and with her friendly nature you build up your confidence and feel that you can do it and she really motivates you. I would recommend anyone wanting to do well in ielts to contact her you will not be let down at all.

Aug 20, 2020
Great teacher
by: Rushi

She is an amazing teacher and with her feedback and help there is no way you will not get over band 7. With each essay that you send her she will send you a detailed feedback and tips on how to improve and you start to improve with each essay as you pick up techniques and vocabulary that you can use in each essay. She is one of the nicest teachers and with her positive nature you will start to build confidence and feel that you can do it. I would recommend her to anyone wanting help with writing and speaking lessons you will not be let down. Speaking lessons are really helpful and having the lessons will tell you where you are going wrong and on the test you will know how to get a high band.

Aug 22, 2020
You are a Winner....
by: Hema Ravi

Congrats, dear're a born winner.....

Sep 01, 2020
by: Rishitha

Hema mam is an excellent teacher. I can't thank her enough in helping me to achieve the score in IELTS in just two sessions. With minimum sessions she explains maximum strategies and tips. I'm really very thankful to Hema ma'm.

Sep 02, 2020
You're a diligent student....
by: Hema Ravi

Congratulations, dear Rishitha....your hard work and commitment paid dividends....wishing you success in your future endeavours....

Oct 25, 2020
IELTS coaching review
by: Rishika Sharma

Hema mam is an excellent guide to help you with your IELTS. Her feedbacks were really helpful and I was able to score a band 7 in writing after getting just a single review from her. Her feedbacks are very detailed and the links that she provided me for preparation were really helpful and easy to understand.

If you are confused about who you should get your coaching from, you should definitely go ahead and book your class with her.

Oct 26, 2020
You're a super dooper girl
by: Hema Ravi

Congratulations on your success....amidst so many Challenges in the time of the pandemic, you made it.....

Oct 26, 2020
by: Hema Ravi

IELTS Aspirants may contact me at

Jan 09, 2021
8 BAND!!!!!!
by: Mathangi

I got my score today!!!!! Overall 8.0 (L-8.5, R-8.0, S-8.0, W-7.0). I was so scared about writing. Hema mam was absolutely fantastic. She was prompt, absolutely professional. She responded to all my doubts without delay. I am staying in Australia. She accommodated the time difference as well. On the day of my test, I was giving her a blow-by-blow report on Whatsapp. She was patient, highly motivating and reassuring. I loved her feedback and tips. They helped me get my desired score for my immigration on the first go! :)

Jan 09, 2021
You're awesome, Mathangi
by: Hema Ravi

Heartiest congratulations, Matangi... despite the paucity of time and last minute were able to get the basuscs right, that held you in good stead......gave you the desired score as well ..
Good Luck and God Bless.......

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