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Pie Charts Souces of Energy

by Shiny Star

The pie charts show the energy production from 5 major sources (oil, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric power and nuclear power) for the USA in 2 years (1980 and 1990).

Overall, oil and natural gas were the major sources of energy for the USA in both years whereas hydroelectric power contributed the least. Moreover the usage of all the sources had not been varied much in a decade.

The energy produced by oil in 1980 was maximum at 42% which decreased to 33% in 1990. Natural gas covered almost quarter of the energy usage chart with 26% and was the 2nd largest source of energy for the USA in 1980, but came at 3rd place in 1990 with a slight decrease of 1%. Hydroelectric power was just used 5% and remained the least used energy source in both the years.

The consumption of remaining 2 sources (coal and nuclear power), increased in a decade. Where usage of coal increased 5% (from 22% to 27%), the consumption of nuclear energy became double folded from 5% to 10 % in the later year.

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