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SBI! Review - The truth about Site Built It

Hi! I'm the owner of IELTS buddy, and in this SBI! review I want to tell you about how to build a successful online business.

I first had the idea to build this website in 2011. When starting out, as for anyone deciding to build a website, one of the biggest decisions to make was - who should I choose to host the site? 

I'm someone who tends to research things fairly thoroughly and I was committed to building a good site so I didn't want to rush into it.

Why SBI?

So how did I decide to chose Site Build It! (or Solo Build It! as it is now known) to be the host? There were a number of factors. 


It wasn't an SBI! review where I first read about Site Built It!. The first factor, and the one that made me aware of its existence, was through talking to a friend and hearing about his success.

We'd not caught up for several years due to living in different countries, but when we did he informed me that he'd built a website that was bringing in an impressive monthly income.

And he'd built it whilst working full time - not an easy feat!

This, he let me know, was through SBI!, which he strongly recommended, putting his success down to this choice. I'd tried to build a site before but this was the first I'd heard of SBI!

Click here to see his site

But, I wasn't going to proceed without my own research, so I went on to read some SBI! reviews...

SBI! Training Videos and Tools

Looking on Google to find out more about SBI! I came across a mix of SBI! reviews, some claiming SBI! is a scam, some claiming it is the best way to achieve success!

Like anybody, this started to make me wary. It's always difficult to know what is a real review and what is fake. 

But as my friend had explained, from reading about SBI it was clear they had a wealth of tools to help make building a site as easy as possible. 

The simple fact was that when I'd tried to build a site before, I had no idea what I was doing! Like building any business, if you don't have the experience and nobody on-hand to help, it can easily fail.

I had found myself trawling over the internet and through forums working out what I needed to do. This took a lot of time! 

The particular thing that stood out and which attracted me to Site Built It were the step-by-step training videos that they provided to actually teach you about what a website needs in order to be successful.

These are based on what they call C>T>P>M.

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Pre-sell
  • Monetise

Their philosophy was to take the hard work out of building a site by taking care of the technical side, leaving me to focus on writing the content, building traffic, and then selling. This appealed to me as I had not had the time to do this before. 

Yes I was concerned about the cost. It can't be denied that sites like Word Press or Wix are cheaper options, as they are free and then you can choose your own host, which is around $40-$50 per year. That is compared to the cost of SBI!, currently at around $299.

But as well as the comprehensive training, SBI! also includes a powerful tool to research keywords and assess their competitiveness, something that can cost anything from $30-$99 per month elsewhere anyway.

So I decided that this has to be weighed against the fact that with the cheaper option, I may not actually end up with a site that people visit and I would have to potentially buy other packages anyway.

There is just so much competition out there these days you need to be in the best position to compete with the others and have the best tools to do that. 

So I made the decision to go with SBI!

My Proof that SBI! Works

It was obvious that I'd made the right choice!

SBI! taught me that building an online business takes time, and with the skills I'd learned I gradually built up content rich pages that visitors wanted to read and learn from. 

Visitor numbers gradually increased, till they reached a point that I could place Google Ads on the site and I started to earn an income. I followed this with a number of eBooks, another source of income.

This has been a life changing course of events. The income has more than covered the yearly costs and has enabled me to leave English teaching and to make this site my full-time occupation.

You can check the success yourself. Put in the keyword "IELTS eBook" into google search and it appears high up on the first page. 

Many other keywords are high up on the google search engine. This is all real proof that, if implemented properly, the SBI! tools work.

It takes time - as does building any business - but it is the best way to success from my experience. 

Yes, sites like Word Press are great, and move onto those once you know how to build a site properly if you like, but SBI! puts you on the right track as a novice to learn what you need to know. 

Or if you do prefer Word Press, SBI! has an alernative package that can be used alongside this. 

And importantly...

I get no financial benefit from writing this page.  Only making sure you make the right choice.

I'm not an affiliate of SBI! so I don't make money if you choose them. 

What about the negative SBI! Reviews?

As I said, when I first researched SBI! there were a few negative reviews, which will be the case with anything. 

But today there are even more, and this is because many are coming from a widely publicised company that specifically gets its subscribers to write negative reviews about SBI! in order to persuade people to purchase their own product. 

I first heard about these SBI! reviews through the Site Build It! newletter when Ken Envoy, the SBI! company founder, explained the problems they were causing. 

From my own experience of reading fake SBI! reviews I know the damage this can do. 

The Facts about SBI! versus its Competition

  • The fact is that these reviews are written by people who are being paid by this company to write these negative reviews

By doing a google search on this competitor it soon becomes obvious that their sites that appear high up in the search engines are not actually successful businesses. 

What they are in fact are sites that tell you that if you buy their product rather than SBI!, you will be successful. It's nearly impossible to find a site that is actually a successful business in its own right. 

There are a lot of sites by them, but there is not the evidence that they are successful businesses compared to SBI!

Evidence of this can be seen in research undertaken by Ken Envoy on SBI! versus this competitor, which clearly shows Site Built It! to be far more successful.

In summary:

  • SBI! sites are 33X more likely to have high-traffic success than this competitor, while 87% of their sites are "invisible" (i.e., get no traffic at all).

You can read the detailed evidence here:

Check out the findings

And to reiterate, I'm not an affiliate and I'm not being paid for this.

I just want you to make the right choice. Rather than building a site that simply negatively targets another business, choose one that will give you the best chance at building your own successful business.  

And if you are still not sure, you can check out lots more real SBI! reviews from genuinely successful website business owners who have used Site Build It!

Real SBI! Reviews

Fake reviews are a problem online and they can damage genuine sites. Hopefully steps will be taken to prevent such unscrupulous practices, but until then, it's up to those with experience to hopefully help you make the right decision.

If you have any questions about choosing SBI! or this SBI! review, don't hesitate to contact me.

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