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Academic Word List Sublist 1

These pages provide you with practice with the academic word list - the most common words found in academic texts.

This will help you with your reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These are words 31 - 40 from sublist 1.

Words 31-40

  • indicate
  • individual
  • interpretation
  • involved
  • issues
  • labour
  • legal
  • legislate
  • major
  • method

Exercise 1

Which of the above AWL words do you know? Match the definitions to the word:

1. a single person or thing

2. a particular way of doing something

3. making of new law by a government

4. to decide what the intended meaning of something is

5. a subject or problem which people are thinking and talking about / to produce or provide something official

6. to include someone or something in something

7. more important, bigger or more serious

8. to show

9. practical work involving physical effort / workers

10. connected with the law

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Academic Word List Exercises 1d - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

Choose which word will fit in the gap:

1. The second accident two cars and a lorry.

2. The car parts themselves are not expensive, it's the that costs the money.

3. It's difficult to these statistics without knowing how they were obtained. I don't understand them.

4. As employers we need to be seen to be addressing (= dealing with) this sympathetically.

5. The government promised to against cigarette advertising if they were elected. They believe passing a law to ban it is the best way to stop people.

6. Every has rights which must never be taken away.

7. Please which free gift you would like to receive. We will then send it to you in the post.

8. All of her plays have been translated into English. The other less well-known ones were not.

9. Travelling by train is still one of the safest of transport. It is the way I prefer to travel.

10. He sought advice about the car accident from a well-known firm of lawyers.

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Academic Word List Exercises 1d - Correct answers:

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