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Academic Word List Exercises

Sublist 5e: Words 41-50

Here we move on to practice exercises for the academic word list sublist 5e

In the first exercise you check your knowledge of the words, and in the second exercise you practice usage of the words in a gap fill. These are words 41 - 50 from sublist 5:

  • Orient
  • Perspective
  • Precise
  • Prime
  • Psychology
  • Pursue
  • Ratio
  • Reject
  • Revenue
  • Stable

Exercise 1

Which of the above AWL words do you know? Match the definitions to the word:

1. exact / accurate

2. a particular way of considering or viewing something

3. the quantitative relation between two amounts, which expresses how much bigger one is than the other

4. the income that a government or company receives regularly

5. to refuse to accept, use, or believe something or someone

6. the scientific study of the human mind and its functions / the influence of a particular person's character on their behaviour

7. main or most important

8. to aim something at someone or something, or make something suitable for a particular group of people

9. to follow someone or something, usually to try to catch or kill them

10. firmly fixed or not likely to move or change

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Academic Word List Sublist 5e - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

Choose which word will fit in the gap:

1. The of students to teachers in the university is 33 to 1.

2. The of desk top computer manufacturers have been falling ever since the introduction of the tablet.

3. He has been studying at university because he wants to be a psychiatrist in the future.

4. The police remained in of the car involved in the bank robbery for 3 miles.

5. She came into the room at the moment I was wrapping her present. It ruined the surprise!

6. The reason for obesity is the excessive consumption of sugar and sugary products.

7. From 2003-2007, the number of people visiting Japan remained . It only started to fall in 2008.

8. He was very upset when he got his letter for the job he had applied for. He had thought he had all the skills and qualifications needed.

9. I never really saw things from my parent’s when I was younger. I think I was a very difficult child to deal with!

10. The English lesson was towards lower-intermediate level speakers. Things were kept fairly easy.

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Academic Word List Exercises Sublist 5e - Correct answers:


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