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Academic Word List Sublist 8

Here we move on to practice exercises for the academic word list sublist 8, words 11 - 20.

Words 11-20

  • Clarify
  • Commodity
  • Complement
  • Conform
  • Contemporary
  • Contradict
  • Crucial
  • Currency
  • Denote
  • Detect

Exercise 1

Which of the above AWL words do you know? Match the definitions to the word:

1. to discover or notice something, usually something hidden and using a special method to find it

2.  the money used in a country

3. happening or existing now

4. a product or substance which can be bought, traded, or sold

5. to behave according to the usual standards of behaviour that are expected by a group or society

6. to make something easier or clear to understand by giving a simpler explanation or more details

7. to represent something

8. to say the opposite of what someone else has said, indicating that one person must be wrong

9. Necessary or very important

10. to make something else seem attractive or better by combining it with something else

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Academic Word List Sublist 8b - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

Choose which word will fit in the gap:

1. The school has strict rules that students have to follow, and those that don’t will face harsh punishments.

2. New research published about the causes of Parkinson’s disease previous findings.

3. Staff were confused about the future plans for the company so a meeting was arranged to provide further .

4. From his facial expressions I that he was very nervous about starting his new job.

5. Those earings really the dress you are wearing. You look wonderful.

6. People say we are in a time of wars, with the main players being China and the US.

7. It is that you submit your application for the job by 31st August. Late applications will not be accepted.

8. In many countries, the colour red is used to danger.

9. Even though his paintings are hundreds of years old, they have a very feel to them. They look as if they could have been done very recently.

10. The prices of some have been falling due to a lack of demand from the recession.

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Academic Word List Exercises Sublist 8b - Correct answers:

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