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Academic Word List Sublist 8

Here we move on to practice exercises for the academic word list sublist 8, words 41 - 50.

Words 41-50

  • Plus
  • Practitioner
  • Predominant
  • Prospect
  • Radical
  • Random
  • Reinforce
  • Restore
  • Revise
  • Schedule

Exercise 1

Which of the above AWL words do you know? Match the definitions to the word:

1. more ​important or noticeable, or ​greater in ​number, than ​others

2. happening by chance rather than according to a plan

3. to return something to its previous condition or bring something back into use that has been absent for a time

4. believing that there should be ​extreme ​ political or social ​​change / ​ the most ​important ​ or ​extreme part of something

5. and also / added to

6. the ​possibility that something good might ​happen in the ​future / the ​possibility of being ​successful, ​particularly at ​work

7. to make something ​ stronger, either something physical or an idea or opinion

8. to look at again and improve an idea, piece of writing, plan etc / to study for an exam

9. someone ​involved in a ​skilled ​job or ​activity

10. a list of times and dates when events or activites are taking place .

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Academic Word List Sublist 8e - Correct answers:

Exercise 2

Choose which word will fit in the gap:

1. She’s training to be a medical at St George’s University.

2. The Treasury Department has the 20% in the pound tax rate. They changed it back because when they increased it to 30% there were huge street protests.

3. My yearly salary increase my bonus will mean I get an extra £2500 this year.

4. The doctor the importance of eating healthily by explaining to the patient the damage they are causing to their body by eating so much junk food.

5. The changes that the government have introduced since coming to power have been . Welfare spending has been slashed and tax has increased.

6. After having a meeting with some employees, I my opinion on keeping fixed 9am-5pm working hours. I think it will be better for the company if we introduce flexible working hours.

7. The headmaster found it very difficult to arrange the class this term because there is a shortage of teachers.

8. The part of my job is making sure that sales targets have been reached at the end of each month.

9. I was listening to the weather forecast this morning and there is not much of having a good summer this year. It’s mostly going to be rainy.

10. Rather than having any kind of system or list, the sports teacher chooses one student each lesson to be football team captain.

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Academic Word List Exercises Sublist 8e - Correct answers:

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