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Best Age for Happiness

by Gagan

Some people think that the teenage years are the happiest times of most people’s lives. Other people think that adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibilities.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Every stage of life starting from infant to teenage to adult and then to old carries the combination of both happiness & sadness. Whilst some people feel delighted of talking about teenage, on the other hand some cherish their adulthood. From my point of view, I firmly believe that the moments spent on the younger age are quite exciting.

Firstly, during this age there is less burden or responsibilities on the shoulders of the young ones. Moreover, their focus is more or less towards studies only. Although there is always a peer pressure of exams, making career and future job, they somehow manage to enjoy with their friends of schools or colleges.

Secondly, teenage is the age of learning and discovering exciting things which the young ones enjoy to do. A lot of unanswered questions, during their childhood, are being answered at this stage of life. Moreover, learning this way becomes an art for them. The skill development phase is prominent in this duration and they can shape – up their career of their own choice.

However, it is certainly true that this phase of life, although, less burdened, is not too far from the responsibilities in the near future. It is being inferred that when you have started earning and living independently, a sense of belongingness towards the family gives a sigh of relief to the adult ones. Moreover, being into adult phase itself is a feeling of happiness.

To sum up, I can say that every phase of life is equally important and cherish able depending upon the state of mind. It is however, rightly said, “teenage is the best age” since dreams start penetrating only in this stage & start accomplishing in the adult stage.


Please provide me with feedback on my essay about the teenage years.

Comments for Best Age for Happiness

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May 20, 2016
age for happiness
by: ezra

not structured very well....need to organize your letter better and the last statement of the essay you expressed contradictory on that.

May 26, 2016
Not persuasive
by: A maybe-lucky 8.0 writer

Be more specific. What is the kind of specific unanswered questions? What experiences? Don't talk, prove it.

Example, schools in US allow students to have a leap year before going to college, to travel maybe, ... You should spend some time to come up with examples to make yourself persuasive.

Jun 20, 2016
On Opinion
by: Anonymous

This topic is a discussion essay which means the Opinion must be given at the end of essay instead of at the start...this is a major mistake

Jun 20, 2016
On Opinion
by: IELTS buddy

That's not true actually. You may be told to do that with a traditional essay at university, but you need to go with the IELTS grading criteria.

It says there must be a clear opinion but there is nothing to say it has to be in the conclusion. The start is ok, though it is a good idea to repeat it at the end.

Jul 19, 2016
Task Response
by: Anonymous

Firstly, it does not fully respond to the task. You need to discuss both the views and then only state your points. Secondly, poor sentence structure and vocab.

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Living in the Moment

by gagandeep

Hi friends
Could pls anybody check this?

Some people consider thinking about and planning for the future to be a waste of time. They argue that people should simply live in the moment.

Do you agree or disagree?

Planning about the future has been the most crucial aspect of human life. Some people argue that instead of worrying about the future, we should live in the present. This notion certainly has its own benefits, but I believe that making strategies for the future is more advantageous for a person who wants to succeed in his life.

Undoubtedly, planning for the future keeps a person motivated and ambitious throughout his lifetime. In other words, an individual with clear goals and objectives of his career will work hard towards achieving it. For instance, my friend succeeded in IAS exam recently because he planned for this career well in advance at high school itself. Hence, this is a fact beyond suspicion that people who plan ahead are the ones who really taste the fruit of success.

Moreover, creating a blueprint for the times ahead encourages a person to save money for investment in future projects, be it their business goals or their children’s education. Also this preserved money could help them in their difficult times that may be destined ahead in their life. For example, my money saving pattern from past few years has enabled me to spend it for my child’s treatment of an autoimmune disorder.

However some people assert that planning about the future is quite stressful and therefore living in the present keeps them happy and contented. Also if they are destined to receive or loose something, they need not to worry for that. But preparing oneself for the good or bad times ahead surely helps them to cope up better.

In conclusion, even though future planning may be a bit stressful job, but I believe that in the long term, is the key to success . It is rightly said, that if you woke up without a goal, it is better to go back to sleep.


Could u pls tell me what bands this essay deserves?

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IELTS Essay - Money and Happiness

by Vedant

Many people think that money is important for achieving happiness.

What importance does money have regarding happiness?

Money has to be on top of that list among all the vital needs a person requires to survive in this cruel world. Nowadays, leading a happy life and having a stable bank balance more or less mean the same. This essay will cover some of the key areas like management of family expenses and a better standard of living being dependent on the person’s monetary strength.

When it comes to managing the expenses of a family, one aspect that adults never fail to overlook is a stable bank balance. Not only it helps their children in their adult life, but also it becomes equally crucial for their early development. Aiding children to develop their minds as well as motor skills, parents prefer sending children to playschools. Such schools which are based in big cities like Bangalore charge even more than the regular schools. While having a stable financial condition is crucial for early development, it becomes equally important for children to get a quality education from the most sophisticated institutes possible. One reason for this can be the role that educational background plays during the recruitment process in any field whether in the corporate world or the public sector. Therefore, having a secure future keeps both the children and their parents relaxed and satisfied in the future.

Not only does having strong financial support help in acquiring a good education and thus, a stable life thereafter, but also it helps in having a good standard of living. Earning a moderate salary in these modern times doesn’t guarantee a healthy environment to live in. Nowadays, be it the main city or the countryside, affording spacious accommodation doesn’t come without taking a toll on one’s bank balance. Besides having a safe space to live in, one cannot ignore looking after one’s health which comes at a cost since the recent explosion on social media with regards to fitness. For example, gym memberships, supplements for nutrients absent in regular diets, etc do not come cheap. Therefore, money has become a significant asset to living a happy, healthy and content life these days.

Overall, from the point where a person starts living to the point where he ceases to exist, money controls more or less every aspect of life. Therefore, every possible privilege that a person can imagine in today’s world cannot be achieved without a strong monetary state.

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