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Benefits and Drawbacks of Studying Abroad Essay

by yesocek

What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad for students themselves and the countries involved?

Lately, with the help of globalization, studying abroad is a new trend among young people. It is a very preferable way to gain new unforgettable experiences, friendships, and also relationships.

Besides new experiences and friends, studying abroad may make people gain a lot more things. For example, spending time in a country you don't know may increase your confidence, make you a stronger person. Moreover, you can learn a new language and learn about a new culture that could be desirable.

However, this trend has drawbacks as well as benefits. One potential drawback is that the syllabus you are studying in your home country may not be the same in your host country. This can bring some problems like extending your instruction time more than how it should be.

Furthermore, it is a new atmosphere, new people, and a new home. Thus adapting yourself to a new country may be difficult for people who have never left the home before.

Another drawback for countries may be the phenomenon of "brain drain". Many people prior to leaving home may be fully committed to returning. Nevertheless, there may be people who choose to remain in the host country to complete their studies or to get a job.

From the experience I had in Italy last year, I can say that studying abroad is a particular, desirable, and unique experience that a person can obtain in his life. Hence, despite the drawbacks, studying abroad is a worth living experience. All things considered, the drawbacks do not outweigh the benefits.

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