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Can someone explain IELTS?

by elle

hello there, I'm new with this ielts thing. I really don't know where to start. Can somebody help me please.. thanks

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May 19, 2013
help with understanding IELTS
by: IELTS buddy


These pages explain each section of the test:

Hopefully they will explain what you need to know.


Jul 15, 2013
Improve Speaking
by: Rujuta

Hi Amit,

I gave my IELTS couple of months back and scored a 8.5 (8 in speaking).

If you want to improve your speaking score, there is no other way that to begin communicating in English on a daily basis.
Remember speaking is not something you learn over night!

Read books and watch some movies, that would help you in your pronunciations (and is fun :)).

Another thing you can do is practice answering general questions like "where are you from" to make sure you nail them.

Last tip - talk to people who have good English and ask them to correct you.

Jul 31, 2013
IELTS Preparation
by: Teja


Out of the 4 modules, Listening is the easiest and requires little time.

Reading is difficult, but by managing your time, following the techniques such as skimming and with tons of practice it becomes quite easy. Try to read as many articles as possible from websites such as:


To get a good score in writing, you need to follow certain patterns for variety of questions. Usually there are 4 types of Task 2 questions with similar structure. Go through some of the sample writing task answers in Google and practice thoroughly.

Task 1 essays are easy. There are some specific vocabulary available for you online, which will boost your score.

Coming to Speaking, If your entire education has been taught in English, around 50 % of your prep is Done. Just practice some of the speaking samples and one month prior to your exam start speaking in English. Read lots of magazines, newspapers. Cover as much of data as you can.

I have enrolled myself in an online website for a period of 30 days. I was able to achieve 8.5-listening, reading, 7-writing ,Speaking with a overall score of 8.

So all the best.

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