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Banned from Taking IELTS for 3 Years 
I have taken an IELTS test on the 1st of July. On the 4th I was asked for an additional ID, but, unfortunately, uploaded a photo of my russian passport, …

Viewing later sections 
Can we forward to the next questions if we want to see them in IELTS listening? Even if they belong to a different audio recording

IELTS Result Withheld 
IELTS is doing nothing but trying to make money from people like us. Please don't ever opt BC. I have written IELTS thrice from BC. I gave my exam …

Fixing of IELTS Scores 
I am pretty much convinced that IELTS result is distorted especially in some parts of Asia. I have appeared a few times and noticed no matter what, …

Changing IELTS scores in each test 
Hi, In 1st attempt on 29 sep 2018 I got L=5.5 R=5.5 W=6 S=6 Overal=6 2nd attempt on 14 feb 2019 I got L=7 R=5.5 W=6 S=6.5 Overall=6.5 …

IELTS Computer Based Test 
Hi everyone, where can I find material to practice for the IELTS computer test? Thanks

How do I rate myself in the speaking and writing tests? 
Please how do i rate myself in the speaking and writing tests since its answers are dynamic unlike the listening and reading tests that have fixed answers. …

IELTS for UKVI on Computer 
Hi Everyone, I wanted to check with you guys if anyone has given computer based IELTS exam? How is the scoring? Thank you. Kind regards Ana

Can l use a pencil in the IELTS test? 
Please can l use a pencil to write during the test? I am thinking it will be better to simply use an eraser to wipe out a wrongly spelled word rather than …

Are the Official Cambridge Tests as hard as the real tests? 
About week ago I got 6.5 in reading and 7.5 in listening from Official IELTS practice test. But today I got 7.5 and 8 in reading and 8.5 in listening …

Can I improve my IELTS score in one month? 
Hello, Is it possible to improve my score 7 to 8 in 1 month? I'm an international student who is planning to take IELTS soon. But I can't decide …

How do they score the IELTS Test? 
Hello my university asked me for 6.0 in ielts but I dunno how to calculate that cause they gave me separate scores. Should I plus all together and the …

Questions about the running of the IELTS Test 
Stationary What stationary would I need for the tests?

Should I ask for an IELTS remark? 
I took the exam two times, in the first time, I have got the results I expected which was: L 5.5 R 6.5 W 6 S 5.5 The second time, I was happy …

Can someone explain IELTS? 
hello there, I'm new with this ielts thing. I really don't know where to start. Can somebody help me please.. thanks

IDP or British Council for the IELTS Exam? 
Hi friends, this is kalyan from Hyderabad. I have one doubt. Which one is better to attempt IELTS, IDP or British Council? Which one is it possible to …

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