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Changing IELTS scores in each test

by Kartik


In 1st attempt on 29 sep 2018 I got


2nd attempt on 14 feb 2019 I got


3rd attempt on 23 March 2019 I got


Should i go for rechecking ielts result????

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Apr 08, 2019
Changing IELTS scores each test
by: IELTS buddy

From looking at your scores it seems your listening skill is your best (maybe the first time you were not familiar with the test but since then you have had 7/7.5).

The reading and writing look as if you may be around the 5.5/6 level as you consistently got those scores.

So I would not say there is anything unusual about those scores. Scores can often change a bit over different tests because no test is exactly the same so you may do slightly better/worse in a different one and there could be personal reasons why you perform better on one day than another.

It does seem odd that your speaking went down from 6.5 to 5.5 as there is a big difference between a speaker of those levels. I can't see how you can have declined like that, so it may be worth considering a remark for that.

You may find that your writing goes up as well, maybe to 6 as you got that the first few times, but it may not as you could have done something wrong. As your maximum has been 6 to-date it is probably less likely it would go up to 7, but obviously it's possible.

You didn't say what scores you actually need, but I assume it must be 7 overall as you have got 6.5 already.

It's difficult to say any more than that. Deciding on a remark is always going to be a risk and you just have to base it on how confident you are that an error has been made.

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