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Childcare Essays

by Titi Omo

Some working parents think that childcare centres provide the best care for children who are still too young to go to school. Other working parents think that family members such as grandparents will be better carers for their children.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some working parents feel that their family members are better care-givers to their pre-school children, while others believe that the childcare centers are the ideal and better option for the job. This essay will discuss the two opinions and a reasoned conclusion.

The Parents that support care for their pre-school children by close relatives uphold their argument on the merit of trust for their family members to provide good sanitary environment, proper feeding and attention on sign of discomfort for their young children. But, the development of these pre-schoolers’ learning skills is limited to the untrained skill of the family relations.

Therefore, Daycare centers may be a better option due to the fact that these care- givers are well trained, educated and skilled professionals for the job. As a result, the pre-school children have their curiosity and sense of challenge built up by in- door and out -door activities available in the daycare centers. Thus, the pre-schoolers have opportunity to learn new skills, sense of independence, and are prepared for kindergarten.

Finally, parents can integrate the advantages of keeping the pre-school children at home with family members into Day care centers by carefully scrutinizing them before selection and paying them regular visits to guide and supervise the type of care their young children are given.


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Grandparents as Carers

by nitesh

Nowadays grandparents have to take care of their grandchildren.

Is it advantageous or disadvantageous for older people. Discuss.

In the present scenario, due to globalisation and cut throat competition, both the parents have to work for longer hours, owing to which grandparents have to nurture their grand kids. Now the quest arises whether it is beneficial or harmful for senior citizens.

There are ample reasons to support that it is advantageous for grandparents if they take care of juveniles. Firstly, both the parents can go to work without any worry about their kids and which in turn grandparents can gain the respect in the eyes of their on ward.

Secondly, it is being witnessed that the emotional link between kids and older people are weakening by leaps and bounce. But if grandparents will spend time with children the bonding between them will become more stronger. Moreover, that will give the chance to old people to have a smile in the last phase of their life.

Last but not the least,they can transfer their cultural heritage to the kids by imparting them the values of culture. As it is rightly said children without knowledge is like birds without wings.

Though, there are some drawbacks also like taking care of kid is very tiring and grandparents will not get enough free time to pursue their hobbies. All in all I assert that, the advantage of spending time with kids outweigh the disadvantage for older people. It will be beneficial for society also if children grow under the mature eyes.


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Paying Stay-at-home Mothers

by Aamir Malik
(Karachi, Pakistan)

Mothers tend to stay home and look after the family. Some people think governments should give these mothers wages.

Do you agree or disagree?

Mothers are the center point and bonding force of the family, she take care of their children from every aspect including health, emotions, education, etc.

Firstly, when a child is born, its responsibility of both the parents to bring up their child to be admirable person in the society. Therefore, the responsibilities of both parents are well defined in our own culture. Hence, the responsibility of father is to financially support his family. For this he has to work outdoor and have sufficient remuneration to fulfill all the necessities of life. Whereas mother’s role is also well defined to stay at home and take care of her children. Moreover, mother and child has always close relationship, which build on the nine month pregnancy period. Therefore, she even read his mind and know his feeling while he is emotionally disturbed. Children are comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings with them.

Secondly, mothers are also educated and skilled workers, they sacrifice their freedom to work and earn, the ramification of this she has to surrender her ambitions and carves. Therefore, government, essentially introduce a system to support financially to stay-home mothers, and as well as allocate some budget for her grooming and leisure activities in women club where they socially involve and interact with other mothers and share life experiences of children brought-up. Consequently, they feel themselves independent and can live the life they dream of and enjoy the extremely happy time with her family.

The crux of the matter, that government necessarily provide financial assistance and pay some stipend to stay-home mothers, which contribute to build the healthy and vivacious nation.

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