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by Tam


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Many people believe that the human society has developed into a throw-away society, which is filled with plastic bags and rubbish.

What are the causes and solutions?

It is not incredible to say that plastic bags and rubbish, if not treated properly, will make the world become a huge garbage land. Moreover, i believe that excessive usages and lack of awareness about environmental problems should be directly responsible for this.

Plastic bags, although their chemical elements can not disintegrate within a hundred year, have been produced and used with no control. After consumption, people oftens throw them and reused processes were not treated properly.Therefrom, with relentless manufacture, nowhere can you fail to see plastic bags and waste.

Another reason should be rooted by the weak awareness of human about this pollution. Residents, especially people who are knowledge-illiterate, have not deliberately perceived the pollution level of waste while government and big companies have just focused on developing the economy. It can be indicated that poor countries where most people were not received a good education about garbage’s effects have more amount of junk than the rest.

In order to disentangle this conundrum, creating recycled materials is always put high on solution list of priority. Plastic bags should be replaced by paper bags as well as after using, plastic elements need to be recycled for other purposes by a green system. Besides, giving and popularizing instructions in large to reduce garbage’s pollution may make a significant breakthrough in this field. For example, should schools teach students how to separate each type of waste, the recycle processes will be easier and society will be indeed cleaner.

In sum, customers should use plastic bags on a deliberate way as well as the pollution and the instructions for this need to be popularized in order to enhance human’s awareness. Whether our society has become a mess of junk depends on action of every single person in the planet. (295 words)

Comments for Consumerism

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Nov 29, 2017
Feedback to your Consumerism Essay
by: Gboyega

Let me start by commending your effort and boldness to subject your work to peer review. However, the topic of your essay was not clearly stated. I also believe that you could have done a better job with the introductory part of the essay. Lastly, keep the language and use of grammar simple, don't try too hard to please. The trick is to communicate in a manner that is clear enough to the examiner.

Dec 05, 2017
kindly critic - Throw-Away Society Essay
by: Hada

Humans have developed throwing rubbish and plastic bags in the society.

Many People dispose their rubbish and plastic bags in an indecent manner, and some of the reasons could be due to the fact that they are pure illiterates or semi illiterates. They do not have the proper education they need as to the side effects of their actions on the society, environment and nature at large.

Some other people do so just because they do not want to incur expenses on themselves, so they would rather do it the inexpensive way, which is throwing it on the roadside, into oceans, seas e.t.c. Yet there are still some more people that are just lackadaisical when it comes to disposal of rubbish and plastic bags, they absolutely see no reason why they can’t throw it anywhere they feel like throwing it at the time they feel like throwing it.
One more reason I think people do this is because the government policies are not strictly put in place and so they go unpunished. Some contractors and government bodies responsible for this also do not do what they need to do at the appropriate time. Fines and punishment should be meted out on defaulters; they can even be made to carry out some community work for free.

To resolve these issues, the society needs a proper education especially from a tender age to desist from such acts. Probably if the side effect on both human and nature is better explained to them, they would desist from practicing such acts. The bodies and individuals responsible for this should also stand up to their jobs, do it with all that they have within their capacity.

I also believe that if a lot of all these rubbish and plastic bags are recycled, it would be of greater impact to the society, the rubbish is reduced and then reused at a cheaper rate which in return saves people some money. The place of excellence cannot be over emphasized here, if each and every citizen have a culture of excellence right from their homes, it would show in the things they do in the society, help build a better place and make life and nature a more relaxed place to stay.

Mar 26, 2019
Paraphrasing - Consumerism Essays
by: Engr. Orungbemi Segun

Paraphrasing is key in IELTS exam.

I expect you to rephrase the introductory part well.
Use a good structure like:

- Introduction- paraphrase question, outlined statement
- First body paragraph- state problem, explain the problem, example, result
- Second body paragraph-state solution, explain the solution, example, result
- Conclusion- affirm your opinion in the conclusion

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Price and Product Buying Essay

by roderickfung

Some people believe that the higher a product is priced, the more likely it is that people will want to buy it.

To what extent does price influence potential buyers?

What other factors influence people to buy a product?

Some individuals argue that a product set with a dramatic price, it indicates the people intend to purchase it. In the essay, the influence of price and reasons which affect people desire to purchase will be discussed.

Obviously, price is a fundamental factor that the consumer consider with. However, the fluctuation of price becomes an essential factor which affect the quantity of consumer. In Hong Kong, a tremendous of households do not have an adequate income and salaries for purchasing a product after their daily use.

Due to the inflation of price, the household willing to purchase with their indispensable goods for daily life that may makes them become unaffordable with product in a rigorous price. This implicates that the potential buyers are highly influenced by the price.

Apart from the price factor, it contains a differential variety of factors that people consider with while purchasing a product. For instance, iphone demonstrates as a durable and valuable representative by providing a comprehensive case for protection. Therefore, the company will frequently update their technical system and list out some latest information for the new user which indicate an efficiency tutorial while exploring the cellphone. Moreover, these factors can facilitate as more and more people intend to buy the product.

In summary, the industries should invent the product that more contain with durable and valuable factors rather than control the price factor as the local household confront a price pressure with the cost of living . On the other hand, by the increasing of potential buyers, the company can offer some free samples in order to simulate the desire of people.

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Throw-away Society Essay


Throw-away Society Essay

Throw-away Society Essay

These days many of us prefer to throw damaged things away, whereas in the past people used to repair damaged items and keep them for a long time.

Why you think this change has happened?

What are the effects of this change in attitude?

Advancement in technology has changed the perspective of people. In these modern days, people choose to replace the broken items by new one instead of repairing those and make them long lasting. This essay will discuss the reasons for this change to happen and the consequences of this change in people’s perspective.

In recent days the changes in daily consumable products occurs swiftly that used to be slow and costlier in past generations. Televisions and computers for example would last for a generation in the past. However, recent developments in technology have enhanced the quality and reliability of such products on the other hand making those look more attractive which encourages people to throw decrepit products and purchase novel items instead. Another reason of this change is perception of people is growing advertisements. Most of the company products rely on the buying capacity of the consumer to which they would prefer to reach out with good marketing strategies to influence them. Thus, people are highly encouraged in buying the new goods that are available in the market.

This change in attitude has affected severely in the environment. The deteriorated items could be bio-degradable or non-biodegradable that are thrown away by people. It was reported that the pollution in Kunthi river increased by more than 50% in just a decade because of the wastage thrown by people into it. Moreover, people are now becoming more materialistic. They tend to buy new product just to show their quality life despite they may not need to. This has created the competition between individual people in a community.

In conclusion, in the course of growing in modern generation we have changed our attitude of re-using the broken items by repairing those to buying the new products. The technological advancement has caused new products readily available in short period of time and could influence people by promoting those. This has caused serious impact on the environment as well as human behaviour.

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