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Jan 05, 2017
development proportionate to education
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much
It helped me a lot

Jul 20, 2018
Helped greatly!
by: Anonymous

I thank the author of this essay for writing down this essay. It has helped me a lot in my project work. Nice ideas. There are some sentences with grammatical errors. Nevertheless, it is very good.

Jan 16, 2019
helped greatly
by: Anime Lover

Thank you so much for uploading this essay.It helped quite a lot!!

May 20, 2019
comments on the Education System Essays
by: Almuzn


when I was reading your essay, I noticed essentially two things that my humble knowledge of writing and grammar says they are not correct.

Firstly, you did not go well on the task response. I think you got a little bit out of what the prompt convey to discuss. I believe if you review some of the preparatory lessons here, it will help you a lot to develop correctly your answer.

Secondly, I think you use too many commas where it is not needed or where it is not correct grammatically. It distracts the reader attention and fragments your ideas and how you represent them.

I think my advice would be to expose yourself into grammar lessons especially composing types of clauses and how to link them; also, you need to read a lot more so that you practice identifying different types of clauses and connecting ideas properly.

good luck!

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