Employment and Older People Essays

by Sardor Azamov
(Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

It has been claimed that workers over 50 are not responsive to rapidly changing ideas in the modern workplace and that for this reason younger workers are to be preferred.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that old workers are not responsive to speed up changing views in the well-developed workplace and that for these case younger workers are to be preferred. This report will give a brief descriptions of extent I would support or reject this idea.

It is my belief that old workers are unchangeable. It means that workers over 50 have necessary knowledge and yearly experience which have not young staffs. Although, old workers are responsible and appreciate their workplace. Because, if worker worked in one place lots of year, he begin values his workplace and feel big responsibility for his job. Another view on this that old workers do not need in career grow and in extent of wage. On the other hand, workers over 50 have their own methods, tactics and secrets which they involved in lifetime period.

However young staffs have speed and knowledge about new techniques. They have fast changeable views about workplace and level of wage which they can get. Generally say young workers have not enough experience. Also they can change themselves sights about job under pressure of others or superiors. This suggests that their fast changing ideas can lead to bad consequences. For instance, someone can offer them a lot of money and some higher position on workplace, young staff immediately go after him and his ideas. Case such this lead to break rules of government and law, after that they are in prisons.

To return to my original idea, that old workers have very high price in workplace. Because they can share experience with young generation and forward them in right way. I am finally reject those ideas.


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Jul 14, 2015
Complex sentences
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Sardor,

You have quite a big problem with your grammar in a number of places in your essay, which in turn is making it lose coherence and causing difficulty in following your ideas.

You make quite a few errors with complex sentences and your clauses so check out the grammar pages on IELTS buddy which deal with this, and in particular the pages on adverbial clauses as you have problems with these.

Jul 14, 2015
Advice for Me
by: Sardor

Thank you for ur attention and feedback. Can u tell what score i can get for this essay (approximately).

Jul 15, 2015
Essay on the Preference for Younger Workers
by: IELTS buddy

I don't give scores but take a look at the public band descriptors. To get a band 6 you should be able to write complex sentences and an essay should be coherent, in that it can be followed without difficulty.

Aug 06, 2015
trouble with articles
by: Peebody

Hi Sardor!
Also you've got a problem with articles. For example here:

You can easily solve it with help of this video lecture.

Also I advice you to start reading writing blogs. For example, I'm running this one.

Not only it helps me to improve my grammar, spelling and style; it also helps me socialize and grow as a Writer.

Good luck!

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Essay on Working and Retirement

by Anna

Please check my essay task 2 on Working and Retirement and tell me my grade.

Some countries make it illegal to work past the age of 65.

Do you think people should be forced to retire at a certain age?

In my opinion, yes people above 65 years should be not allowed to work. With increase in age there is a decline in health in many respects which retards the ability of a human to work effectively as compared to young adult.

According to human physiology, brain is made up of neurons which is a building unit. Some cells stores memory, certain areas are involved in cognitive functions, others deals with intelligence work, decision making abilities. With advancement in age brain cells starts degeneration process, in which many brain cells die and particular brain function is loss. this process is irreversible. Alzheimer’s disease is an example in which memory and cognitive function is lost. Similarly, loss of cerebellar functions leads to difficulty in balancing, writing reading and smoothness in work.

So a person with such difficulties cannot work effectively. A surgeon who is 65 years old operating heart, dealing with life, where delicacy, perfection and patience is required cannot work as perfect as a surgeon who is near 40 with same qualification and same capabilities irrespective of experience.

Similarly, a senior school bus driver with loss of decision making power although a good driver can put lives of many kids in danger in just few minutes in critical circumstances. According to medical survey, 70% above 65 age and 90% above 75 years have heart diseases who themselves put their life in danger when they face critical situations, leading to hospital load

So in my view, geriatrics above certain age when their medical and visual senses starts compromising, should be forced to retire. Government should start some pension scheme to support those unemployed seniors so that they can live their further life satisfactory. Engaging them in some community work or opening old people centres can decrease their unemployment depression.

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Aug 15, 2015
band 9
by: Anonymous

Cohesion and coherence tip top, this is a good essay which definately fetches highest band no doubt about it.

l would love to practice and have the gist the write such top quality vocabulary which is smooth flowing.

Aug 16, 2015
Very good
by: Shobha

U know u have good viwes (ideas) for writing

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Employing Over 50s

by Zen

It has been claimed that workers over 50 are not responsive to rapidly changing ideas in the modern workplace and that for this reason younger workers are to be preferred.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people are of belief that, workers of old age are not as responsive as young work force in today's world where ideas change rapidly. I am not a proponent of such a belief.

To start with, one argument which is in support of young workers is that, today's younger generation are very energetic, enthusiastic and so can react sponteneously to any situation put accross them at work. However, they are not very determined and so lack concentration while at work. For, instance, a group of young people working at the office could be distracted very easily if there is a football or a baseball match that is being telecasted live in an office cafeteria.

On the other hand, we have old age people who are very determined towards their work. These people also get along prolific experience with them which, sets them apart. They can use their experience to analyze new ideas and make wise decisions which could potentially benefit the company that they are working for.

Another advantage that old age workforce have is, the leadership quality in them. These leadership quality of these people could be conducive to drive the young force in the direction. For example, if a huge company like Apple, has to launch a new product in the market, the business leaders could guide their junior's through the journey of the new product launch from manufacturing to production to launch, to make it a huge success.

All in all, I reckon that, old age people are surely responsive and open to new idea. Their experience and other quality attributes could be used in combination with young generation characterstics to facilitate the success of their respective employer.


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Dec 27, 2015
good essay
by: Anonymous


Dec 28, 2015
expected band for this essay
by: Zen

Can someone please, let me know what band should I expect for this essay.

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